Review of Ivy’s Play Thing

Review of DefeatedIvy’s Play Thing – 45 mins

Meryl and Ivy are on the mats and ready to do battle, but no fight is complete without a little pre-match trash talk. The ladies compare muscles and talk back and forth. Ivy is clearly the bigger girl, but Meryl calls her muscles fake. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Ivy and she decided to make an example out of Meryl. To say that Ivy beat the crap out of Meryl, would be quite the understatement, besides for a brief moment of offense in the opening minute, Meryl is completely dominated and for the majority of the match a complete and total ragdoll. Ivy uses her “fake” muscles to squeeze the life out of Meryl, almost immediately forcing Meryl to twitch and drool, and that’s even before Meryl is Ivy’s ragdoll. It doesn’t take much longer for Ivy to put Meryl down and from that point twitching, drooling and moaning in pain is all Meryl can do. Meryl manages to make things worse for herself by spiting in Ivy’s face during a brief moment of consciousness. Ivy is even more pissed now, putting Meryl back out and continuing to have her way with Meryl, putting her through hell, as well as trying to back to the world of the living, without much success, along the way. Finally, Ivy is bored of playing with her ragdoll, but locks on one more tight, twitching, drooling, sleeper hold to make sure Meryl stays out for a while. Hopefully Meryl will remember what happened and not make the same mistake again. 

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and believe or not, we actually got something from the Italian side of the Defeated roster. Not only that but we got a beautiful OTT ragdoll match where Ivy teaches Meryl a lesson she’ll never forget, if she remembers any of it at all, that is. So yea, the Italian side of Defeated rises from the presumed dead and delivers an absolute banger. I mean this one has everything that made fall I love with Defeated in the first place… Well not everything, with no Elizabeth or Stella in sight, I am still greatly missing them, but at least this video breathes life into the hope that I will see them again someday. Anyway, Meryl and Ivy bring back that veteran feeling I’ve been missing. They act, and perform like experts. I love the build up to the long ragdolling session as Meryl and Ivy talk just the right amount of trash before getting things underway. Meryl tries her ass off to put up a fight early on but fails miserably. Than the twitching/ragdolling starts and just when Ivy might have been about to cut Meryl some slack, a half conscious Meryl spits in Ivy’s face and that just drew a line in this one. Ivy just demolished Meryl from then on, with Meryl being a ragdoll for almost all of it. There was a very good move list for this video too, so even when I move was repeated, you haven’t seen it in a while so it didn’t feel overused. Meryl’s twitching kind of ramped up as well, staring somewhat calm and getting kind crazy near the end. The best way I can tell you how great this video was, is that even after 45 minutes of action, when this ended, I still wanted more. It did not feel like it was that long at all. I hope this video reminds Defeated that even though they have some good and promising talent in Hungary, there best still resides in Italy. We need to see that side much more often.

Overall Score: 10/10