Review of It’s just one of those tazzze!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingIt’s just one of those tazzze! – 15.5 mins

We enter with Alexandria face down, wearing tight white booty shorts, and a red cami, what has she been doing? Not sure, but she is certainly twitching, and essentially unresponsive, also drooling heavily. Athena walks in, she must be concerned! Well she is, with playing with her new Alexandria ragdoll! Athena shows her taser, and it’s not long before she shows it to Alex! Causing Alex to convulse and shake, her eyes roll back and she continues to drool. Athena holds the taser tight against Alexandria’s body, maybe for too long, almost like she’s distracted by how Alexandria’s ass looks shaking so violently in those tight little white shorts! Athena can’t spend all day doing this! There’s so much fun to be had! With Alex face down Athena uses a handful of thick jobber hair to lift Alexandria’s head to apply the perfect snug figure 4 head scissor! Alexandria continues to twitch and drool, mere inches from unconsciousness, Athena is enjoying herself on top of Alex, but what’s this? My goodness! Alexandria’s ass, again, o my those cheeks look so nice and snug tucked in to those shorts! Athena just can’t help herself and yanks Alexandria’s shorts, lifting the jobber’s hips, ass to the sky! As she remains locked face to mat in Athena’s figure4 headlock. Alexandria’s twitches turn to shakes as she struggles for air, this is where I’d like to say Athena releases Alex, letting the champs body crash to the mat. However, Alexandria had to wear those cute purple silk panties! And, Athena has spotted them! She lets go of Alexandria’s shorts and grabs a handful of panties! Wedgieing the KO’d champ! Humiliating enough? “O what cute little panties…I bet they’d look better shredded!” Exclaims Athena! She’s not joking either, as she grabs with two hands and tares Alexandria’s panties to shreds! Leaving nothing but shredded fragments dangling out of Alexandria’s shorts! Alexandria lay, still locked in the fig 4 headlock, twitching, and drooling, just as we had started, only pantiless. Athena isn’t finished! (look away now) or don’t, Athena is about to taze Alexandria’s crotch! O my and she does! Alexandria convulses as her eyes roll back and drool leaves her mouth. Snorting noises are heard in the midst of the taser as Athena continues to smile with pure enjoyment! The tasing ceases and Alex is rolled on to her back. Athena has made a drooling mess of the Gorgeous MMW champ! Athena lifts Alex to her ass by the hair and slaps a tight sleeper on her! Snores and half-conscious grunts escape Alexandria’s lips, and she convulses and twitches in the Athena’s sleeper. Drooling all over Athena’s arm. Athena reaches around and pulls Alexandria’s nose up. While still keeping a tight grip on the sleeper hold. “Look at my little piggy! Snort for me my little piggy! Athena tells Alex. Alexandria snorts, unaware of the humiliation being imposed on her by Athena. Athena then uses torn fragments of Alexandria’s panties to gag the ragdoll! Alexandria twitches as her own drool soaks her purple panties that were just moments ago, on her lovely round bottom. Athena slaps Alex in a tight leg hook pin, using Alexandria’s white booty shorts for leverage, as if they weren’t riding up enough already! Athena counts to four and lets Alexandria’s leg flop lifelessly to the mat. Alex is turned over and Athena grabs a nightstick! This looks bad! Athena slaps Alex in a modified crippler crossface! Using the nightstick to press against Alexandria’s face. “I’ve made you drool, let’s see if I can make you bleed!” Says Athena, moving the nightstick up and pressing it against Alexandria’s nose, crushing the champions poor face! Bone crunching is heard and Alexandria begins bleeding profusely! She twitches and convulses, still a drooling ragdoll of a mess. Bleeding from her nose. Athena keeps a tight grip, finally letting go Alexandria’s head drops to the mat. Another cheeky leg hook pin makes Athena the winner of this completely humiliating ragdoll experience. Athena pulls Alexandria’s bloody drooling lifeless body to her knees. Using pink duct tape, she binds the taser to Alexandria’s own hand. Holding Alex up by the hair, Athena signs off with a sexy “goodnight my pretty little jobber!” and releases her jobber’s hair! Alex falls lifelessly forward, landing on the taser! Tasing herself, Alexandria flops on the mat helplessly and unconscious as Athena exits.

We’ve got a new wrestling production joining our ranks, called Modest Moms Wrestling, or MMW. As the name of the company might suggest, this is a group of more mature women then what is most popular among this fetish, which is right away a niche that can be just for them. And at the head of this new production is a lovely woman who goes by the name Alexandria, self-proclaimed “America’s best jobber” and is the star of this video. Not sure if I can agree with that moniker just yet, but I love the idea that someone is jumping into this business with the goal of being the best jobber. I love that! I doubt then any girl joins a roster thinking, “I’m going the be the best jobber ever!” but Alexandria definitely did. She makes a wonderful first impression for me by delivering an incredibly OTT ragdoll destruction. It starts out with her already out cold, twitching and drooling on the mats and I mean some seriously OTT and crazy drooling. Then Athena walks in a we are treated to a pretty intense ragdoll beat down, that continues the OTT theme very, very well, with some unique punishments, like ripping panties off and breaking her nose with a nightstick. Now as for the fake blood, I’m kind of torn on it, I don’t mind blood, but if you’re going to do it I’d rather it looked pretty realistic, like “Hollywood” quality makeup, otherwise it’s just doesn’t quite work right for me. Their video intro is long, like a minute and 15 seconds and it’s full or 80s-esque cheesy graphics, it was pretty funny the first time, but quickly wore on me to where I just had to start skipping over it to get to the action. Anyway, none of this ruins the core of this video for me, it was still a tremendous OTT ragdoll squash that I really loved, not bad for a new production. This is a great first step for Alex on my jobber chart and it was definitely enough to bring me back for more. They also offer some pretty cheap clips called “Dollar Brawlers” where each clip is only a buck and you can get a few minutes of their action on the super cheap. That is a safe way for you guys to check out their style and who they have on roster without risking too much. If this vid isn’t quite your style, definitely go check out some “Dollar Brawlers” and see what else MMW has to offer.

Overall Score: 9.5/10