Review of It's in the Script

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsIt’s in the Script – 9 mins

This custom script is very unique! What would happen if the script held a special power of which only one wrestler was aware? The script calls for Ryan to win and although Scarlett is sure she’s tougher and stronger there’s nothing she can do to overpower her opponent! When the match begins Ryan attacks with a hammerlock, a head lock, a snap mare, and a body scissor full nelson combo. Ryan surprises Scarlett by simply letting her go and standing up. Scarlett gets up and challenges the cocky Ryan to a test of strength and is quickly sent to her knees as Ryan confidently knows that her domination is in the script! Ryan even lays down on the mat and invites Scarlett to put a hold on her. When Scarlett bends her into a Boston crab (a VERY tight angle!) Ryan shows no pain! In the end, Ryan simply pins Scarlett, checks the script to make sure she didn’t miss anything, then strikes her victory pose! You’ll love seeing two beautiful female wrestlers in a very creative custom video!

Now this is a really cool and super creative script. I never in a million years would I have thought of doing a video in this kind of style and I love that someone has. The ladies did a great job selling it all too. Ryan is super cocky and just keeps telling Scarlett that it’s in the script, a detail the Scarlett just can’t seem wrap her head around the fact that whatever is in the script is what’s going to happen. This made me laugh several time as Ryan basically orders Scarlett around, even one time ordering Scarlett to put her down, as Ryan was about to be body slammed and Scarlett just does as she told, putting Ryan down right away and of course Ryan reminds Scarlett that part was not in the script. Even the final pin. Ryan takes a look at the script and just says, now I pin you and pushes Scarlett over and easily pins her. Scarlett can’t even believe it asking, how Ryan can just pin her like that without even really touching her. Of course, because it’s in the script. This video gets huge points from me for just being a totally new idea and for just being so creative. There’s no knockouts or over the top selling, but that makes total sense in this case. However, I would love to see what FWR could do adding KOs but keeping it based on this idea. I think is a really awesome idea that definitely needs to be explored.

Overall score: 9/10