Review of Is Only a Matter of Name

Review of DefeatedIs Only a Matter of Name – 32 mins

The Queen, Elizabeth is on her pedestal yet again, still ranting and raving about being undefeated, she continues on to talk about a new girl that’s she heard about, with a “stupid name” like Poison who thinks she’s strong. The Queen continues on, challenging Poison, not knowing Poison is standing right behind her. Poison approaches from behind and with a balled up fist, she knocks Elizabeth silly with a blow to the top of her head. Elizabeth instantly goes cross eyed with her tongue hanging out as she stumbles around. Soon she crumbles to the mats, twitching wildly, eyes still crossed but clearly KO’d. Meanwhile Poison disappears, so when Elizabeth finally quits twitching and come to The Queen is clueless to what happened. She makes it back to her feet, clears her head the best she can and continues where she left off, challenging Poison again. Poison again walks up stealthily behind Elizabeth, this time using a double neck chop to daze The Queen. Poison plays with Elizabeth, pushing her punch drunk for back and forth, laughing as she stumbles around. Eventually Elizabeth goes out, but Poison holds up her limp twitching body for a while before letting her fall to the ground. Again Poison is gone as The Queen recovers from this twitchy KO. Elizabeth looks around as she tries to clear her head again. She still clearly a little dazed, but she again begins asking for Poison. She’s just about figured out that it is Poison who is sneak attacking her, but she again doesn’t notice as Poison walks up from behind, this time using a sleeper hold, once again putting The Queen to sleep. After another twitchy nap for Elizabeth she gets up and as soon as she becomes clear enough she starts looking out for Poison, who is again not there. Elizabeth gets back on her feet and again calls out Poison, calming to not be scared of her. Poison now shows up in front of Elizabeth. Elizabeth puts her dukes up, standing bravely and talks tough, standing behind her challenge, although her face tells a different story. Poison is more than happy to give Elizabeth exactly what she wants… a fair fight. Or at least so Elizabeth thought it would be, but right away Poison uses her extra reach to hold The Queen at bay as she swings wildly trying to reach Poison. Eventually Poison uses the grip on Elizabeth’s head to throw her to the mats. Of course Elizabeth hops back up still talking tough, asking for round two and round two is just what she gets. A quick clothesline KOs The Queen again and this time Poison doesn’t take off, instead she decides to ragdoll the twitching, limp queen for about 10 mins using chokes, strikes and submission holds. After Poison has finally had her fun, she finishes off Elizabeth with a brutal foot choke that causes Elizabeth to twitch and drool violently. Poison tells Elizabeth to remember her name, but The Queen insists on calling her “The Mountain”. After a few tries Poison just finishes off Elizabeth, choking her with her foot until finally she is laying completely still. Poison takes her victory pose over the fallen queen and announces that she is Poison and she is the best. We find it hard to argue with that.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and in this one Poison finally meets The Queen, Elizabeth. This is something I couldn’t wait to see, before I even had a clue what it would be like, as soon as I saw Poison I just thought, when Poison and Elizabeth get to work together, it’s going to be awesome and Defeated delivered in such a cool way. Starting off with Elizabeth ranting to the camera again about being undefeated and how everyone just cheats to beat her. Elizabeth is just golden with these opening scenes and I still love it. However, Poison didn’t seem to like it as much I as do and just walks up behind Elizabeth and bops her on the head. From here the OTT reactions just come flooding out of Elizabeth, as she sells her ass off once again in this great and silly manor. Best part is that Poison decides to make a game out of this, sneaking up and KO Elizabeth a number of times, each time Elizabeth wakes up Poison is gone and cocky and sometimes still dizzy Elizabeth goes back to ranting to the camera. Finally, Poison has had enough of the games and approaches Elizabeth. Another funny moment here as Elizabeth is stunned at the size of Poison, but still tries to talk tough, asking Poison for a fair fight and when Poison asks if that’s really what she wants, the pause and a shrug as Elizabeth replies with, “yea, that’s what I said” is a moment I’m still laughing at. Then more OTT madness begins as Poison easily dominates and ragdolls Elizabeth for the remainder of the video. This is exactly what I hoped for when I saw Poison dominating June. I knew Elizabeth would sell it like crazy and I knew it would be a new favorite video for me. Now, that I got another Queen Elizabeth OTT ragdoll video, I can’t wait to see what happens when Poison meets my other favorites of the Defeated roster. Again I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but I know it’ll be awesome and I can’t wait to see it.

Overall Score: 10/10