Review of Invisible Wrestler Shower Attack

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Review of Sumiko DreamsInvisible Wrestler Shower Attack – 12 mins

Sumiko is taking a steamy, hot shower after a long day. She’s lathering up her sexy, wet body when the invisible wrestler relentlessly attacks, causing her to slip and slide all over the tub. Sumiko is dragged to her mat room while still soaking wet for some major punishment and then taken back to the shower to be finished off with the final blow. Poor Sumiko is left lying ass up in the shower until he strikes again!

Here is some more Sumiko Dreams action that comes for my last trip to her store a while back. I think it’s pretty clear Sumiko know her invisible wrestling series is a fan favorite as even though her updates are super rare and few and far between, each update seems to have at least one invisible wrestling video. This one really goes for the sexier side of things, with a long soapy shower scene and lots and lots of close ups of that fantastic backside of our Asian beauty. Her being all wet is definitely a huge plus, as it is rare and just down right sexy. The fight itself is pretty solid as is expected with Sumiko. She tosses herself all over the place once she’s dragged out to the mat room. Sumiko sells it great, a lot of her being weak and easily dominated. There are no KOs for the mat room section, which is a real same, most of the previous invisible wrestler vids had a ton of KOs, so it’s disappointing that this one didn’t. After a good beating in the mat room Sumiko gets dragged back to the shower for a few more choked and punches then she gets KO’d in the Darri-air position where we get a good look at her ass up and KO’d. I do like the shower aspect, the invisible wrestling beatdown and all the close ups of her derriere, I just wish this one had more KOs like the others did. It’s still a very sexy vid and of course that great Sumiko selling we all love, so it’s still pretty hard to not love this one at least a little.

Overall Score: 9/10