Review of Invisible Wrestler Beats Down Sumiko

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Review of Sumiko DreamsInvisible Wrestler Beats Down Sumiko – 28 mins

Sumiko, in a shiny cut out one piece, knee pads and boots is in her matroom practicing her selling. She pretends she’s in a 10 count pinfall match where she’s facing a huge female heel who will ruthlessly pummel her into the mats. The heel is brutal, often slamming Sumiko 3 times in a row for overkill. The heel enjoys punishing Sumiko, often pulling her up before the 10 count to beat her down some more. Sumiko narrates the entire match including her own thoughts of humiliation and defeat.

It’s a Sumiko vs the invisible match again. I think you guys know it, I think Sumiko knows it and I definitely feel this way. These are all awesome! Plain and simple, Sumiko knows how to sell these beatdowns. She narrates the whole thing, while selling it, which is just amazing and if you’ve seen one of these before then you know what you’re getting. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I think Sumiko can do at least 100 more these and I will still enjoy them. Hopefully more of them will have her wearing boots and knee pads, as that was a pretty big plus for me in this one and the one-piece suit with the exposed midsection was great too. But that’s it guys, you don’t need me to tell you to go buy this, I’m just here to let you know there’s a new Sumiko vs the invisible you can go get.

Overall Score: 9.9/10