Review of Invisible opponent wrestling

Review of Sparrow SummersInvisible opponent wrestling – 12 mins

Watch me take intense KOs from an invisible opponent and sell my signature twitch fits! Lots of rag dolling and lots of twitching, as well as a strip down! (No Sparrows were harmed in the making of this video, and I was not truly unconscious at any point.)

For those that don’t know Sparrow does custom vids on her own, a lot of non-combat related, super sexy solo stuff, with pretty much no limits. That was until I ordered this. A little while ago Sparrow did this custom vid for me, nothing you wouldn’t expect from me of course, with some added details that I can’t get from SKW, high heels and nudity. The rest is nothing that you guys wouldn’t expect from me, lots of twitching and a couple of KOs via an invisible opponent, even she can’t see who’s attacking her. Sparrow delivers tons of her iconic and signature twitching, like only she can, which is easily the mass majority of the video. She spends a long while flopping around after each KO. When she finally goes still a guy comes in to check that she’s out cold, then removes her heels and later her shirt. It’s a very simple vid that is done in a style that a like you would see from Kayla Obey. The camera is stationary the whole time which is the only thing I’d really like to change. I love Sparrow and seriously can’t get enough of her. I’ve already asked for a second vid with pretty much the same idea, just where the camera gets in close so we can see Sparrow selling much better, but I loved this one and can’t wait for the next one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10