Review of Invisible Opponent: Twitch Fest

Review of Sparrow Summers Invisible Opponent: Twitch Fest – 7.5 mins

I face another invisible opponent, taking quite a beating. Watch me twitch and slowly reveal how wet losing makes me 😉 (All actions are simulated, no sparrows were harmed in the making of this clip)

Sparrow is back with another solo invisible foe video, and much like the one I requested from her, this one focus on KOs and lots of twitching. Only this time she starts out winning, but is attacked after, and she’s topless for the whole vid and she’s wearing converse boots. Of course the boots are huge plus for me and having Sparrow topless is definitely not a negative thing. Also this time Sparrow spends most of the video facing away from the camera, so we get lots and lots of great shots of that beautiful backside as she twitches all over the place. I love that someone else orders videos a lot like the ones I do, just shows me that other people love the over the top stuff like do. Also Sparrow is so awesome, looking so great and always putting on a great show for us. I hope for many many many more videos like this one.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10