Review of Invisible Opponent IV: Nap Attack

Review of Sparrow SummersInvisible Opponent IV: Nap Attack – 11.5 mins

I’m napping in bed, minding my own business, when my invisible opponents return with a vengeance! Watch me take big bumps and hefty blows, losing a bit of clothes with every take down until there’s nothing between me and the match

The lovely Sparrow is again attacked by her invisible nemesis, (I wonder if it’s the same guy that’s always attacking Sumiko as well) but this time he was sent by me. Unlike last time I sent that invisible bastard after poor Sparrow, I wasn’t too specific with what I wanted to see, only really asking for a similar vid to “Invisible opponent wrestling”, with a few close up of Sparrow’s face after the KOs and that’s what I got. There’s plenty of twitching of course, some nice KO poses and Sparrow is stripped completely naked. During the close ups, our camera guy and clothing remover checks Sparrow pulse and her arm before removing the next piece of clothing.  For the fighting action Sparrow is hopping around a lot, trying to fight back and getting knocked around, it’s definitely a little silly, as it should be and a lot of fun to watch. Sparrow again makes me laugh with her commentary. Overall, I am pretty happy with this one, I do love some Sparrow jobbing action, of course with her signature twitching and her sense of humor with it comes to the things she says. It also feels like Sparrow has a lot of fun making these videos, which also makes them fun to watch. I’ve already got my wheels turning for what I’m going to ask of Sparrow next, maybe something with a boxing theme. I don’t know yet, but I’ll definitely be asking for more Sparrow action soon.

Overall Score: 9/10