Review of Intrusion Confusion

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Review of Helpless and UnawareIntrusion Confusion – 11 Mins

An intruder bursts into Constance’s hotel room and she lets out a squeal before he hits her over the head and she is splayed out on the sofa. The intruder checks her eyelids to make sure she’s really out, and then takes a look up her skirt and feels her boobs through her shirt. He pulls at her legs to drag her off the sofa, legs askew and her black skirt hiked up showing her panties. She slowly starts coming to, but she’s really dazed. She stands up to try to make it over to the bed, but she doesn’t realize he’s behind her and he bonks her over the head, letting her limp body fall back on the bed. He manipulates her limbs a bit, pulls that sexy skirt up again and unbuttons her blouse. He’s bolder now, and moves her face side to side, and picks each arm up, only to let it drop back down. He stands back to admire his victim. She again almost regains her bearings and stands up, hanging onto the wall for balance. She barely makes it to the sofa before he clunks her again! This time, he even removes a pretty red shoe to check out her feet and feel her toes. He pulls her by the arms into a sitting position, although her head just droops to one side. He can’t resist fondling her a bit more, and exposes a breast so he can give her nipple a squeeze. She’s trying to wake up again but he isn’t having that right now, and bonks her one last time! He pulls her onto the floor and stands back to admire her… so unaware… limp body, legs splayed, before he turns and bolts out the door.

Blackjack KOs and upskirts is the main them in this, and most limp play videos from Helpless and Unaware. I picked this one up because it stars Constance, who I’ve become quite the fan of after her one video with SKW. I actually do like the quick and easy KOs in this video, it doesn’t give Constance too much to show off her great eyerolling skills, but the KOs are still sold well and look good. The limp play is on the light side, spreading her legs for good upskirt shots and checking her eyes, which do show off those great white eyes. He also slips off a shoe for a second and show a good close up of her feet, for all you foot fetishist out there. There’s also some mild groping and a moment of nudity along the way. This one finishes off with a nice KO on the floor off, of course giving us another nice upskirt shot. Overall, this video isn’t too intense or action packed, but I enjoyed the upskirts, KOs and the lovely Constance delivering another good performance.

Overall Score: 8.5/10