Review of Intrusion Confusion 3 Vika

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Review of Helpless and UnawareIntrusion Confusion 3 Vika – 13 mins

Watch from the intruder’s POV as he rushes into Vika’s apartment and whacks her over the head! She doesn’t have time to react before she is rendered helplessly unaware.  The intruder checks her eyelids and pulls her legs apart before admiring how beautiful her limp body is in her shiny velveteen slip dress. He props her back up a bit, pulling her dress up to reveal her sheer white lacy panties.  She is there with her legs splayed as he manipulates her limp limbs.  Poor Vika starts to wake but is quickly bonked over the head again.  This intruder isn’t done playing with her sexy limp body yet!  He pulls her by the legs onto the floor, back propped against the sofa.  Her head is way back, mouth open and her belly is exposed.  He pulls the top of the dress and her bra down to expose her breasts.  Vika starts to awaken and is whacked again… this time the intruder checks out her sexy limp legs and feet, removing her sandals one by one and enjoying touching her dark red painted toenails. He decides to pull her forward, and like a rag doll, her head flops forward before she falls to the side.  He drags her further out onto the floor, rolls her onto her stomach and plays with her toes a bit.  One more time she starts to regain her awareness and even manages to say “who are you” before she is whacked again.  He rolls her onto her back, pulls her bra down further to expose her while she is unable to resist.  He plays with her limp body more before leaving her helpless on the floor, splayed out and exposed.

Some more beautiful limp play from Helpless and Unaware and again this one stars the amazing Vika. I think now is a great time to review and another Vika vid, as she recently visited SKW and we’ll be getting some of those vids soon, but for now we can indulge in some more of this beautiful Russian. I am a big fan of these simple Helpless and Unaware vids, I love the upskirts and high heels as well as all the limp play and the little bit of nudity we normally get in these vids. It really has everything you need in a good sleepy vid and it’s all made better because it stars Vika, who is just stunning in every way. I’m also like that she woke up a few time throughout the video, which of course adds a few more KOs and that’s never a bad thing. Even though I do like the normal Helpless and Unaware vids, I do look forward to seeing more of the ones that have a little over the top action, you guess know I can’t get enough of that stuff and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of those vids soon.

Overall Score: 9/10