Review of Intruder White Rag

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Review of Luna LainIntruder White Rag – 9 mins

Luna Lain doesn’t see you watching and then rushing toward her with a white rag. Her blue eyes flutter and cross until she’s limp on the couch. Her heavy limbs are askew and you ragdoll them before stripping her jacket. Eye checks reveal the whites of her eyes and you slap her awake only to knock her out again. Moaning and weakly fighting, she’s helpless as she falls asleep. Your hands grope her tits and she slowly looks up at you in confusion before getting another treatment. The pink panties are stripped and reveal her small patch of pubic hair. Having your fun, you leave her in this humiliating position and leave.

This sleepy/limp play vid stars Luna Lain, who I really just was introduced to when she visited SKW not too long ago. This clip does one thing that makes it special to me, instead of just taking Luna’s clothes off, in this, her clothing is just moved so that her body is exposed, but her clothes are mostly left on her body, so she just looks really disheveled when the vid comes to an end. I can’t remember the last time I saw a vid that did clothing removal like this, but I loved it here. There’s also a lot of the normal and wanted things you expect to see. There’s some limp play, several KOs, I love that she’s got heels on, even though you don’t see them much, I still appreciate the fact she is wearing heels, and the eye checks were fantastic. Beautiful full white eyes for the eye checks, which there are several of and great eye rolling for the KOs, with Luna’s patented one eye rolling trick. A sweet little vid here with some nice disheveled clothing removal that was super sexy.

Overall Score: 9/10