Review of Introducing Charlie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsIntroducing Charlie – 7 Mins

CharlieShe stands 4’11” tall and only weighs 100 pounds but and she’s fearless! Her name is Charlie and she’s not afraid to step into the ring against Madison in her debut match. But, alas, this spunky little girl has a few things to learn and one of those things is to NOT jump Madison to try and choke her out! Poor Charlie ends up being flipped to the mat, put in a camel clutch, choked under Madison’s knee, and put through a series of head scissors holds! Madison easily places a final sleeper hold on the tiny girl, knocking her out to win the match. But Madison decides to wake the sleeping beauty up so she can experience being pinned for the first time! This match is short and sweet … and a GREAT introduction to our newest fem, Charlie! And she’s available for YOUR custom matches!

I always love to see new girls coming in, to FWR or otherwise, and I love it even more when that new girl is really cute and really tiny. So I know I’m going to love Charlie, because you know she’ll probably lose a lot. Like this one, Charlie starts off looking like she’s going to be too fast for Madison, but once Madison gets her off her back its all downhill for Charlie. This is a quick match, but Madison puts Charlie though a couple of different moves, to see Charlie struggle, then a nice KO, pin and victory pose at the end. Charlie looks to be pretty good already, needs to open her eyes more while she selling, submission and KOs, but I see a lot of new girls do that, so I’m not going to hold it against her. Other than that, I am pretty hopefully about what we’ll be seeing for Charlie in the future.

Overall Score: 8.5/10