Review of Immerse Yourself with: Super Ela

Review of Velvets FantasiesImmerse Yourself with: Super Ela – 20 Mins

ElaAs you slowly open the bedroom door you intrude on the unsuspecting Super Ela, who immediately recognizes you and jumps at the chance to take you on again. “Didn’t have enough of me from last time?” she scoffs, as she throws vicious super punches that leave you dazed and unable to fight back. You find yourself beneath her feet as she mocks you. You’ve been waiting for this moment, however, you’ve revealed your secret weapon: a shard of kryptonite that instantly weakens the overconfident superheroine! You give her some brutal punches to her belly and face that eventually knock her out, leaving her in a heap on the ground. With your trusty kryptonite by your side, you wake her up and deliver a series of knockouts, stripping, and ragdolling… until you’ve decided that it’s time to tie up this feisty girl in the basement so you can continue your personal brand of sleepy torture! And continue you do… with more blows to her belly of steel, a tazer that makes her super woozy, and a final hypnosis KO that lays this superheroine to rest, that is, until you command her to wake up for even more sleepy fun! Looks like the days of Super Ela’s power, confidence, and status as the city’s most powerful heroine… are OVER!

I love helpless superheroines, I love Ela and I love how great she did in this one. Starting out super confident, as you would expect from any powerful superheroine and super helpless once the kryptonite comes out. I love the mixture of a few punches out KOs as well as the usual Velvets KO techniques. Great reactions from Ela, I love expressions and her big sexy eyes as she begs for mercy and struggles to get away. I also like the removal of her cape and skirt, but leaving the boots on, I’m big fan of the superheroine high heel boots thing, so that was really nice for me. There’s lots of great limp play, face grabbing and eye checks. The limp play comes to and end when Ela gets tied up in the basement. I like the basement as a scene, it’s very dungeon like, minus the massive wine rack in the background, but I like seeing Ela sprawled out on the floor better, so I kind of wish it stayed upstairs. I did like the KOs and hypnosis that happened down there though. Overall, Ela is sexy as can be in this awesome performance, great sleepy POV action that is a tiny bit downplayed by tying her up, in my opinion, but still very enjoyable and easily worth picking up.

Overall Score: 9/10