Review of Immerse Yourself with Coco Part 2: Part 2 of 2

Review of Velvets FantasiesImmerse Yourself with Coco Part 2: Part 2 of 2 – 29 mins

It’s another quiet evening to yourself flipping through your favorite comic books, and you start to fixate on one of your favorite characters: Psylocke. You suddenly feel yourself drifting off into a deep sleep, and when you awaken, the same experience happens: your comic book and laptop have been replaced by a mysterious bag containing knockout implements. Giddy with excitement, you think the hot cat burglar is back for more sleepy action, but when you turn around, you’re delighted to see that the other girl of your dreams is in your living room! What better way to greet her than with a healthy dose of sleepy spray! You sneak up on her, ready to attack with your bag of KO tricks and spray, but she’s on to you and uses her psychic abilities to stop you in your tracks. She punches you with an inhuman force that sends you flying to the ground. When she opens up your bag, she mockingly pulls out all the implements and proceeds to examine all the pieces. She opens a bottle, and one whiff of it sends her into a loop. This is your moment to strike, and you do with full force. You take down this powerful beauty, first by de-booting her, and sending her into a deep hypnotic state. Now you have the power to control her every action, including making her knock herself out with her own psychic abilities for your enjoyment. When you strip her out of her suit, she threatens you, but she’s no match for you as you take her down with a teasing chloroform while fondling her in her weakened state. Suddenly, you find yourself alone, and awake, and back to where you started. Feeling heavy hearted realizing it really was all just a dream, you sit and stare at your comic books. Then, a knock is heard, and when you go to answer it, THE GIRL who was in your dreams stands before you and she’s your new neighbor! She sees you holding your comic books, and is thrilled that you’re a fan of such things too! You think, “How convenient. Come inside. Stay a while. I’ll just be locking the door behind you…”

Alright, Immerse Yourself with Coco 2, part two as promised. And as I mentioned in the review of part one, this one is very similar, but also different. This time Coco is in a different outfit, still very tight, still is matched with a great pair of high heel boots and definitely still very sexy. The boots and the costume also come all off about halfway through the video, like last time, revealing a sexy bra and tiny thong underneath. This time Coco has psychic powers, as to last time she didn’t really have any powers. Coco first uses her powers against you and of course she’s super cocky about it, but once she makes a mistake you take control and through hypnosis you turn her powers against her. So, this one has less of the groggy/half-conscious action and is more just KOs and limp play, but of course with the addition of having Coco knocking herself out a few times. In the end, you out come out of your dream world on to find real life Coco has moved next door and is super excited about your comics, so of course you let her in. Again, Coco and Jacquelyn working together is just pure magic. I love both parts of this video and I couldn’t even tell you which is better, even down to the outfits, I actually loved that tight body suit from part one and I loved the tiny bra and panties in part two. Obviously, you would never be disappointed grabbing both parts of this outstanding video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10