Review of Immerse Yourself with Coco Part 1 of 2

Review of Velvets FantasiesImmerse Yourself with Coco Part 1 of 2 – 33 mins

Our story begins with a by-the-book but inexperienced agent played by Coco. The sound of the door opens, and it’s Coco, dressed in a black skin-tight mini dress, heels, and hair in a ponytail. You get up to greet her, but she is all business and demands you sit down and lay low. She asks if you noticed if she was followed, and begins to check the perimeter. After the coast is clear, she sits down with you and explains her assignment. She has been tasked with the job of protecting you by posing as your girlfriend undercover. Your excitement bubbles over when you get a little too handsy on your “new girlfriend” to which Coco rolls her eyes at you and tells you to go hide in the bedroom while she secures the living room. What Coco doesn’t realize is this whole job was set up by you, and you have very different plans in store for the rookie agent. You go into the bedroom and look at your bag of knock out toys and your ski mask. You put on your mask and quietly sneak up on Coco with a flash bomb that dazes her. When she sees you, she thinks it’s an intruder that has broken into the house, but in her woozy state, she gets knocked off guard by a blackjack to the head. She falls on the couch, and you expose her beautiful derrière giving Coco a better look. You decide to have your sleepy way with her. By letting her come to, watching her defiance, but never letting her get the upper hand. She begins to lose her will to resist, as you take liberties in feeling her assets both when she is conscious and not. After a few various knockouts, undressing and fondling, you allow Coco to believe that when she awakens tied up, that you (now unmasked) have saved her from the intruder. Relieved and grateful, you untie her and allow her to sleep it off after she faints in your arms from exhaustion.

Miss Velvets and Coco have put together quite the awesome POV sleepy vid here. Coco comes in as a tough and confident agent, focused on the job at hand, but is repeatedly KOs and played with. I love that you play both sides of this, fooling Coco into thinking you are someone else, the whole time, with just as ski mask and playing the person she’s supposed to be protecting at the beginning and end. Coco continues to be the incredible talent that she is, putting on one hell of show for us and looking so damn good too. And this clip has such a giant storyline and is filled with so much content it had to get split up into two parts. I love how well this storyline is, with Coco being fooled like I mentioned before, I love how many great KOs there are and done in plenty of different ways. Coco’s reactions are top notch as well as her acting for the non KO related sections. There’s lots great dazed reactions as Coco fights to stay awake, she also defiant at times, but you always and quickly straighten her out. There is plenty of super sexy shots of Coco from just about every angle you can think of. This is one of those videos that really defines what Velevts Fantasies is and what Jacquelyn really does best. This is simply a must own vid that should not be missed, and the same goes for part two, which I’ll be reviewing ASAP as well.

Overall Score: 10/10