Review of I’ll squeeze you until you pass out!

Review of DefeatedI’ll squeeze you until you pass out! – 10 Mins

StellaElizabeth hits Stella’s stomach at the beginning of the video, to weaken her opponent’s belly. Then she puts her in multiple bearhugs, squeezing her and leaving her breathless and dazed. Stella suffers through many bearhugs in this video, before the final KO and victory pose.

Yes, more Stella getting dominated but the powerful new girl at Defeated. If I said it once I’ve said 100 times and I’ll say it 100 time more, I absolutely love seeing Stella get dominated, never going to trier of it either. I was actually just looking at the ever growing collection of Stella defeats and it is getting impressive. This is another great one to add to my collection and if the description didn’t make it clear, this one is all about bearhugs. Normal and reverse bearhugs, where Stella is lifted off her feet and tossed about like a ragdoll. We get more of Stella great exhausted and dazed state as she’s quickly pretty helpless. Elizabeth baggers Stella the whole time and this purple haired demon is becoming a favorite heel of mine, a lot because her English is really good, so I catch a lot of her trash talk easily. Elizabeth is really sexy though, going to have to see her lose sooner or later, maybe Stella can cheat somehow and get a little revenge. Either way, this another quick Stella squash, which means it another one for my favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.5/10