Review of I’ll make your head explode till your KO!

Review of DefeatedI’ll make your head explode till your KO! – 11 Mins

lilithLilith tries yet again to fight Tracy. She tries and tries again, but Tracy always locks her head between her legs, squeezing tight on her head. Lilith struggles a lot and barely escapes sometimes, only to get trapped by Tracy again until she finally gets knocked out between her powerful and long legs.

And I’m back with more Defeated action for you guys, and another one with what has definitely become a growing tread over at Defeated and that is little Lilith failing to take down Tracy, while Tracy varies her techniques used to dominate and defeat Lilith. This time Tracy decides to use headscissors, starting out with a very unique hold where she holds up Lilith’s body while having her in a headscissors and just watches as Lilith kicks the air wildly to no avail. After that it’s pretty normal headscissors the rest of the way. Lilith does a lot of great struggling here and I’m still loving every second of it. A few holds are held a little too long, but nothing too bothersome. In the end Lilith is again knocked out a defeated, while Tracy again stands tall, surprise. Word has it that my prayers have been answered and there are some more brutal beatdowns of Lilith coming to Defeated. Not that I haven’t been enjoying these, because I have, but I can feel Lilith has some untapped selling potential and hopefully we’ll be seeing that soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10