Review of How I got my KO Fetish

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Review of Kayla ObeyHow I got my KO Fetish – 10 mins

I’m going to tell you about how I got my KO fetish. When I was in school, there was a girl who would always humiliate me and flirt with the guy we both liked right in front of me. She had a gymnast’s body, with strong muscular legs. The guy we had a crush on was really into catfights. She challenged me to a best of 3 match, to be held in front of him. The winner would get the guy. Kayla shows off her legs and does some stretches in her shiny purple bodysuit before she describes and acts out each match. Demonstrating scissorholds and figure 4 scissorholds. She wins the first match but gets cocky and is quickly dominated by her opponent’s strong thighs and calves, getting KO’d a few times, by the end she had completely forgotten about the guy and was begging to be put out.

A little story time with Kayla Obey is what I like to call this one. Kayla tells us a story about a fight she got in when she was in school, where she won for a little while then got beat up and KO’d. Most of the one is her talking about the fight and acting out the moves used, using a pillow as a stand in body. Again, for me, Kayla patented “cuteness” is infectious, as I find even just here story telling intriguing. The stretching is very nice to watch, however the best part, without question is a little past halfway through, when she starts losing in the story and she acts out her struggling and passing out parts. That’s the “meat” of this vid, even if it feels kind of short. Would have loved to see that section dragged out more, but it was very nice to see Kayla laid out in this new suit. I have to thank who ever sent her that, I might have use it in a future custom of my own. I do find it funny that she was asked to wear socks the whole time. I always think about people who love bare feet, or people, like me, who love shoes and heels, but I often forget about those who just love a girl in socks. I just love that there truly is a fetish for everything.

Overall Score: 8.5/10