Review of House of Horrors

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Review of Kayla ObeyHouse of Horrors – 10 mins

Kayla is a contestant in a game show and for every room she successfully escapes she earns $1 million dollars. Room 1: Kayla enters the room. Seeing the advance button on the other side she makes her way over, when she’s bumped into. She looks around to find the culprit but sees no one. She’s grabbed around the throat, still no one to be seen and desperately tries to pry herself free. She drops to her knees, eyes fluttering. Her arms drop as she stares blankly forward, eyes rolling back as she falls limp to the floor. Room 2: Kayla enters the room looking for the advance button. She hears a strange noise, like something scurrying on the floor. She turns around and it’s a giant spider. It jumps on her as she falls back, terrified. The spider tries to bite her and she struggles with it on the floor, fending it off. Finally, it’s venomous fangs connect with her neck. It isn’t long for the poison to take effect. Kayla goes completely limp, eyes glazed. Room 3: Kayla enters the room and the door shuts. She tries to open it but hears gas entering the room. She covers her mouth with her hands and desperately looks for the advance button. She is quickly getting dizzy. She drops to the floor onto her belly. She reaches out, eyes pleading before her arm drops and eyes roll back and close. Room 4: This room has a giant skeleton sitting in a comfy chair. She looks around for the button, but decides it would be funny if to advance she had to sit in the skeleton’s lap. She sits in its lap and wraps its arms around her. She thanks it for the hug before getting up, but the skeleton won’t let go. In fact, it’s grabbing her even tighter. She finds herself starting to go out. As she slowly goes out, the skeleton explores her body as she weakly tries to get it to stop. It bites down on her neck and her eyes roll back and shut as she falls completely limp in its arms. Room 5: She’s looking for the button and hears that same scurrying. She knows there is a spider around but can’t find it. She’s jumped by the spider and falls onto her back again. She prepares herself for a bite attempt but instead it sprays its web over her nose and mouth. She tries to tear the web off so she can breathe, while fighting the spider. She gets slower and slower until she has no more fight left. Her eyes close and she lays motionless on the floor. Room 6: Kayla enters this room and notices a skeleton on the wall that catches her attention. She goes over to check it out. She notices it has some interesting eyes and while staring into them she goes into a trance. “Yes, I accept your gift of the eternal kiss.”, She tells it. She then gives the skeleton a long kiss. Her head falls backwards and she stands before collapsing to the floor. She lays on her back, her eyes open but rolled back. Room 7: Kayla enters the room telling herself that she can do this. She will clear the room and get the money. There’s a big flash and she goes into a trance. “I will obey.”  She says as she walks towards a belt hanging from the door. She slips it around her neck and does it up tight. Another flash occurs. She starts grabbing at the belt that is looped around her neck. Her struggle starts to slow. As she’s grabbing at the belt with one hand, she slips the other into her shorts as she gives into the auto eroticism of the situation. She starts to feel a massive orgasm build. She groggily says “No, not like this…this is not how this was supposed to end..” She then gives in to the most explosive orgasm she’s ever had, her eyes roll back and her body goes limp, sliding down the door to the floor. After a few moments, her head raises and her eyes open in a trance. She says to you ” Thank you for watching House of Horrors. If you think you can survive the house just respond to their contestant page. As for this contestant, she expires in 5, 4….3,2,1.” She blows a kiss then her arm drops to her side, head lowering a little. Her eyes roll back and stay open.

A perfectly timed seasonal video from Kayla Obey (perfect timing on her release of this video, not my timing of reviewing it.) This in one of the rare time I will tell you guys READ THE DESCRIPTION, because I’d say about half of the story is in the description and this video just isn’t as much fun, or makes a whole lot of sense if you don’t read the description, you have been warned. Now, this an awesome, vid and one of the few holiday based videos we get in this fetish. This video does a lot, in a relatively short amount of time. It has plenty of KOs, to start, that’s always important, an outfit that is sexy, but still makes sense for the story. Kayla does, eye rolling KOs, death stares, and closed eyes. There’s choke outs, KO gas, venomous spider bite, mind control, self-choking, spider web smother KO and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. I do wish that Kayla talked more throughout the video, kind of explaining more of what was going on, so that if you don’t read the description you wouldn’t be so clueless, but this is a very creative vid, huge props to the person who came up with this script. Also huge props to Kayla for again just being so impressive, doing all this stuff by herself. I can only imagine what it looks like to throw a giant spider at yourself, but Kayla did it and it looked perfect. Got to love Kayla Obey, one the best solo acts in this genre, and she’s coming to SKW in February! Best believe I’ll be getting a custom then. But, for now and just in time for Halloween, don’t mess out on one of Kayla’s best videos (aside for mine, of course!).

Overall Score: 9.9/10