Review of Hollywood Gets Even

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHollywood Gets Even – 11 mins

This match takes place shortly after the Anything Goes match where Becca knocked out Hollywood with her frying pan. Hollywood challenges the blond to a regular pro style rules match and Becca happily agrees! Becca immediately demonstrates her knowledge of wrestling by getting Hollywood in a headlock, some ankle locks, a snap mare, and some scissors. But when the blond goes for a clothesline off the ropes, Hollywood uses her knowledge to duck the move and reverse it on Becca! Then it’s Hollywood’s turn to dominate and she really delivers! She goes to town on the poor blond with a corner boot choke, a leg lock on the ring post, some killer scissors, and a choke on the ropes. Poor Becca is forced to look at Hollywood’s bicep pose and say who the better wrestler is … then gets knocked out by a nasty stunner! Several boot on face victory poses follow as we declare Hollywood the better wrestler!

I loved this video from the very opening scene which has Becca being super cute talking to her trusty fan pan. Just I reminder that I love Becca not only for her in ring performances, but just how super cute and silly she can be for a scene like that. Another thing I loved is to finally see Becca lose with those cute pink shoes on. In know I normally talk about how much I love the converse boots like in all the anything goes vids, but I’ve seen Becca win with these pink shoes on a few times and have been hoping for her to lose with them and I finally got that here. Hollywood is too good on both sides of a match, so seeing her losing for the first half, then making the comeback is a definite plus. The action itself is just like one of the anything goes match, minus the use of any weapons of the birdie sound effects, but the pro style action we get from those matches. Overall, as always having Becca losing is always a huge plus and just having Hollywood getting a bit of payback is great as well.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10