Review of Holiday BONUS VIDS!

Review of Combat FetishHoliday BONUS VIDS! – 40 Mins

“Karlie Enslaved, Emily Destroyed!” AND “The Workout”

Two super fun custom videos for the price of one!! First we find Karlie Montana completely DOMINATED by The Warrior, who works over her helpless opponent’s pussy and breasts with brutal attacks until Karlie agrees to be The Warrior’s new slave! Emily Addison tries to help Karlie, but soon finds herself double-teamed by Karlie and The Warrior! The Warrior delights in ordering Karlie to DESTROY Emily’s supple and bouncy breasts! Emily’s breasts are punched and smashed with forearm blows, bitten, licked, kissed, tweaked, and clawed, all while The Warrior focuses her own attacks on Emily’s vulnerable pussy! It looks like The Warrior is even going to make Emily cum at one point–or is that indignity too nice?? Then in our second feature we join Karlie as she seeks out Annie’s help working out. Annie soon proves to be a perv, though, as she takes every chance she gets to grope Karlie’s gorgeous ass. “Hey, it’s all part of the workout,” she insists, but soon it’s evident that she just wants to have her way with Karlie. Annie knocks Karlie out first with a sleeper and then with bear hugs, and then takes advantage of Karlie’s helpless state to get herself off!!

Two bonus vids from Prostyle Fantasies, both starring the amazing Karlie Montana, but only one of these videos has an overall impact on the main XCW storyline. That being the first video where Karlie challenges The Warrior to a match only to get dominated and ends up being The Warrior’s slave when it all said and done. It’s always wonderful to see Karlie getting beat up and I find it funny that just after gaining her freedom from Annie she ends up being a slave to someone else. Emily fails at her attempt to save the day, beaten down first by The Warrior, then dominated and sexually humiliated by The Warrior and her new slave. It’s all good action, plenty of fighting and sexual humiliation, with a nice curve ball on the forced orgasm. The second clip is almost pure comedy for me, Annie playing the overly sexual fitness trainer and Karlie playing the somewhat airheaded trainee. Annie keeps making sexual advances on Karlie, all focused on her beautiful backside, continually convincing Karlie that it’s all a part of the program, even knocking out Karlie twice and getting caught in the act of sexually stimulating herself while Karlie was out. Still Karlie is still convinced this is normal procedure and good for her fitness. The KOs are good, Karlie looks awesome and sells awesome as always and I was forced to laugh out loud several times at the silliness of it all. Together both vids are great and I’m left wondering just what Karlie will be forced to do next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10