Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIRING JESSIE – 24 mins

We fade in on a very nervous and excited Cynder as she waits for one of her heroes to join her on the mats.  Turns out she’s a huge fan of pro star Jessie Belle and has commissioned her for a private wrestling session!   Jessie steps in and the two exchange pleasantries, with Cynder confessing her desire to lose to the pro in an old school wrestling beatdown.  Jessie’s not sure if that would be a GREAT idea for the inexperienced fan, but Cynder says it’s ok…especially because “wrestling is fake”.  Amused, Jessie decides to grant the girl’s wish, starting with a massive FOREARM SMASH to the face that knocks Cynder out cold! The session has begun, with Jessie using the allotted time to teach Cynder a lesson in the “fakeness” of wrestling.  She takes the lovely jobber down and out repeatedly, torturing her with countless KOs before laying her out with a final maneuver and a pin.  She finally leaves…but we get a close up of Cynder slowly waking up and muttering: “That was…better than I could have asked for” before fainting into a deep sleep!

This willing victim thing is definitely becoming a pretty popular storyline as of late, and for good reason in my opinion. This is another really solid one, as Cynder has become another favorite for me as she has really settled in as a wonderful jobber and her eyerolling is literally some of the best in the business. The absolute best thing about Cynder selling is that she continues to roll her eyes even after she’s KO’d, it’s definitely her thing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other great eyerolling girls do something like Cynder does. And just as good as Cynder is as the jobber, Jessie Belle is just as great as the heel. As always, I am a huge fan of Jessie Belle, I love her trash talking, her power and of course her pro training gives her a wider repertoire and also makes her moves looks better. Jessie, even though she’s a visitor, is easily one of the best heels at SKW and there’s always puts on a great show when she comes to Atlanta. Overall, this is another outstanding jobber/heel combo and an awesome squash match with Cynder being the willing victim.

Overall Score: 9.9/10