Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 43 – 20 mins

Kayla Obey is making her SKW debut in less than dominant fashion as we find her twitching on the ground in a small green bikini, knocked out as Karly Salinas, also making her SKW debut, stands over her in her own purple bikini, one foot planted on Kayla’s cheek with a victory pose, as drool trails from Kayla’s mouth. Kayla apparently made the mistake of trying to jump Karly from behind and suffered the consequences as we are taken to the highlights of their skirmish. Just as Karly said, she gets jumped from behind while stretching with an elbow to the back of the head before being thrown to the wall by her hair for a set of brutal Belly Punches that make her gasp and double over violently. Kayla presses the advantage, throwing her unprepared victim to the mat with a quick Snap Mare before wrapping her into the dreaded Sleeper Hold. Karly struggles and writhes, her face reddening as she squirms to get free, her eye bugging wide. The thrashing slows as she begins to fade, but desperately fights to stay conscious as her eyes roll and flutter before eventually passing out. Kayla claims the first knockout as she stands over Karly with an arrogant Victory Pose. Next we see Karly staggering, held upright on Kayla’s shoulder, prepped for a devastating Stunner, dropping the curvy brunette to the mat then straddling her for a hard Neck Scissors, making Karly’s eyes cross inches away from Kayla’s toned ass as she struggles before fading out. Another knockout and victory pose. Next Karly is begging but Kayla props her up against the wall for a series of running wall splashes, winding and staggering her before winding her up for Eat Defeat, sending her to the mats once again before crawling over her for a pinfall… which she breaks up on her own, figuring there’s more punishment to dish out. When Karly comes to, she’s barely conscious before Kayla drops onto her with a few Body Splashes, but Karly is able to get her knees up to reverse! Time for some payback as Kayla writhes, winded on the ground., Karly slips in behind her to apply the Sleeper Hold, her legs kicking as she struggles, her eyes fluttering and rolling before she fades out at last. Karly’s endured too much, however and collapses onto her for an accidental pin. Is the feisty newcomer in for it now! Belly Punching, Bearhugs, Body Scissors and Throat Spikes devastate the rookie as Karly gains her revenge.

Finally, Kayla Obey has made her debut at SKW and even though I did order a custom, one that was just released, SK released this video before I saw my custom. So this was my 1st dose of Kayla at SKW just like it was for you guys. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen Karly in action too. A nice little double debut for SKW. The good thing though is this is just an SKW debut for both these ladies, as neither one of them is new to selling KOs or acting and that shows. This is the perfect kind for debuts as it shows the ladies on both sides of the match and also being a highlights vid, it focuses more on the high points of the match. Also you got to love that this video start with Kayla already out cold and twitching, while Karly stand tall over her. That being said, the second half of this video completely stole the show for me. No offense to Karly, but I been a huge fan of Kayla forever and have been dying to see her work for SKW and seeing her get absolutely dominated and destroyed was a dream come true. I loved that this was a pretty brutal beatdown with several pins, twitching, a bit of drooling, some piledrivers and several chair shots. A great mix of destruction that really shows off Kayla’s selling skills. This marks a lot of firsts for Kayla too, like her first Fem vs Fem action, of any kind, her first piledriver, the first time we’ve seen her in boots and knee pads and probably a few more firsts that I’m forgetting to mention. The whole point is this was a great choice for Kayla’s first SKW video, it shows off what Kayla is like working with someone else for once, which was unsurprisingly, excellent. And I know, I haven’t mentioned Karly almost at all and I’m sorry about that, it’s just the enormous amount of anticipation I had for Kayla Obey’s debut totally overshadowed anything else. However, Karly is a super cute girl and she totally did a fine job here, but for me this was Kayla’s show and she totally killed it.

Overall Score: 9.9/10