Review of HIGHLIGHTS: volume 36

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: volume 36 – 22 mins

We fade in on three completely KO’ed bodies on the mats…in this case belonging to Audrey Love, Kayla Lael, and Lucy Purr.   Turns out these gloved beauties have been going at it for HOURS in an over the top and KO-filled boxing battle, but SK’s cameras were only able to capture a portion of the action.   A highlight reel announced and the camera fades back to some of the best moments of what’s bound to become a legendary SKW skirmish!

This should be a surprise to no one at all, I absolutely love these silly, OTT, three way boxing highlights vids and this is quite a special one for me, as it stars Lucy Purr, who I feel has really been flawless in the past year or so, giving us nothing but great performances. Also staring Kayla Lael, an instant favorite for me, loved her since the very first time that she visited SKW and this time she brought a friend, Audrey Love, who makes an outstanding first impression with this video and the other one she did with Kayla released recently. Together these ladies put on a great show, everyone getting a change to be on both sides of the action, all of them giving great silly, OTT reaction, no twitching, no drooling, as they get punched out, and looking great too in their shiny bikinis. It all come to an end with some lucky, or unlucky punches, depending what side you’re on, that of course lead to a great triple KO finale. Kayla and Lucy or overselling champs and it was great to see Audrey totally keep up with them. This was a really fun one and of the three way boxing vids, this is without a doubt one of the best.

Overall Score: 9.9/10