Review of HIGHLIGHTS: volume 34

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: volume 34 – 24 mins

We fade in on our Japanese beauty SUMIKO enjoying a victory pose over the unconscious VIXEN! It seems that earlier in the evening the SKW newcomer had tried to sneak attack the veteran in the hopes of winning this Ten Count Pin match.  Though not all of the footage was captured, there was enough to put together this outstanding highlight reel! A brutal series of scenes commences with both of these wrestlers giving it their all and Vixen coming very close to getting a final victory over Sumiko but as the battle continues to pan out Sumiko shows just why she is considered one of the best.  After multiple KO’s and holds, Sumiko resorts to a bit of foul play to teach Vixen a lesson about messing with her.  A trademark Sumiko split pin leads to a ten count and victory pose as we bookend back to the beginning of the video. YOUR WINNER: SUMIKO

Taking a little step back here in the reviews as member of my lovely audience asked if I could cover this video, so here it is. You guys know how these highlight matches work, so I won’t talk too much about the video itself but more about the performer’s performances in the video. I will say, I do love those chair shots though, so brutal.  As a new talent at SKW it is quite a challenge to sell next to Sumiko, she’s not a fan favorite, or the most requested girl for no reason. That being said Vixen showed a lot of potential in this video. I always try not to judge new girls too hard, because of nerves and it’s probably a new thing for them, yet still, there’s plenty of good things to say about Vixen. First of all, she is stunning and although not shown in this video, had a great belly too. Next she has a really expressive face, which works great for being a heel and a jobber, so far her mean/angry heel expressions have been something that has stood out to me, but I did see a few moments of nice eyerolling too. And she also seemed to get the idea of applying the holds correctly, so while beating up Sumiko she look comfortable. So I think Vixen did a really nice job on her first day at SKW. Still however Sumiko steals the show, her veteran skills are just too good and she’s a total blast to watch on both sides of the match, although I prefer her losing portion, of course. Nonetheless Vixen shouldn’t be brushed off, as she gets some more videos under her belt, I think she too will soon be quite a blast to watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10