Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 24 – 26 Mins

ElaWe fade in on Addie Juniper and Serena… both out cold at the feet of Ela Darling!  Turns out the two had tried a sneak attack on Ela… and even managed to get some good shots in until Ela decided to turn the tables on the SKW veterans!  The result: a highlight reel of the best moments from the impromptu 2 on 1 battle!!

This is another really nice win/win for me, with a line up like this I think it really is best to give everyone some time on the losing side. As it with most highlight vids, Ela is the one we see losing first as Addie and Serna attack her together. Also nice to see some tag team moves, but Addie and Serena seem to love putting their feet all over Ela’s face and even using their feet to knock her out, we do get some nice 2 on 1 wrestling moves as well. Ela sells really great, I love her eyes, it’s definitely my favorite thing about her selling. So when it’s Ela’s turn to take control she returns the favor, using her feet as weapon to dominate the once cocky tag team. Addie and Serena really give as a great show, giving us some excellent reactions. I always say, two jobbers are better than one, so this would have to be my favorite half of the video and Ela does play the heel role very well, which is a side of her we don’t get to see from her XCW work. Overall, both parts of this star studded video are great and could have been even better in longer individual standalone clips.

Overall Score: 9/10