Review of Hide And Sleep

Review of DefeatedHide And Sleep (The exhaustion game) – 18.5 mins

Zafira and Talia are exhausted from a long day’s work, but instead of cleaning or going to bed, Talia peaks Zafira’s interest by suggesting the do something fun. What follows is a silly, over top and KO filled version of hide and seek as Zafira and Talia take turns hiding around the house and sneak attacking each other. The only problem is they are both so tired that when one of them is attacked, she is too weak to put up much of a struggle and for the other, it takes every bit of energy she has to KO her friend that she too ends up passing out just after successfully taking down her target. Each scene ends in double KOs and sometimes starts with one too. Also each scene is full of silly and over the top reaction, tongues out, eye rolling and lots of twitching. This is sexy and fun clip that we hope you guys enjoy.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we get our first look at a new talent, Zafira, in this exhausted version of hide and go seek. For me there is no better way be introduced to a new girl then to see her doing some OTT KOs and that’s what this video is all about. We get simple sneak attacks, weak and exhausted struggling, lots of tongue protrusion, eye rolling and plenty of twitching. Zafira working with Talia actually shows off just how good Zafira already is. Talia is already well known for her amazing OTT reactions and I felt like Zafira was right up there with her with all the reactions. And also as Defeated likes to do, they’ve added a nice dose of humor to this. Nothing that really made me laugh out loud, but scenes like the bathtub part and some of the body piles were fun and silly. Also, it’s very sexy too, both Talia’s and Zafira’s outfits leave little to the imagination and with sexy positions and great camera angles, even less is left to imagine. This is a simple and solid over the top KOs video and a great first look at Zafira. Check it out.

Overall score: 9.9/10