Review of Headscissors KO Quick Match

Review of DefeatedHeadscissors KO Quick Match – 10 Mins

NinaWe’ve already see Elizabeth in the last match with Stella. She’s an unstoppable MMA Fighter, high skilled and trained in headscissors and many strong moves. The little Nina tries to escape from her headscissors, without any chance. Elizabeth stays in total control for the entire match, with Nina’s head in between her tattooed legs. Many reverse headscissors before going into a devastating figure four scissor. Nina is drooling and with her eyes rolling, with no chance to escape. She’s eventually knocked out cold. Destroyed, KO’d on the floor, while Elizabeth Victory poses on her knocked out body.

Some more Defeated action for you guys here and this time another great jobbers at Defeat gets totally destroyed by the new talent, Elizabeth. This one goes immediately downhill for Nina like it did for Stella. Elizabeth just keeps putting Nina in different scissors, till she’s had enough fun and puts Nina’s lights out. Nina constantly struggled, but never had a chance of getting out of Elizabeth grasp. Once the final scissors gets locked in, Nina’s eye roll back as the life it squeezed from her, so bad that Nina’s eyes stay open and rolled back after she’s out cold and Elizabeth has left. I really like this Elizabeth girl, she make a great dominate heel, but it makes me wonder, how she would do on the other side? She a great looking girl, she could be a great jobber too. Anyway, some nice one sided action again from defeated, with a mean, sexy, heel in Elizabeth and helpless, sexy, eyerolling jobber in Nina, with a great KO at the end, just the way I like it.

Overall Score: 9/10