Review of HAUNTED

Review of Sensually Savage ProductionsHAUNTED – 23 mins

The stunning Cali Logan gets demolished by an evil demon living in her new apartment!! We fade in on Cali Logan talking to her friend on the phone about what a great deal her new loft apartment was.  Her friend informs her that the place is haunted, but Cali refuses to believe in such nonsense. As she hangs up, we see an evil demon’s POV enter the room and SLAM a disembodied fist into Cali’s face!!  A dazed Cali realizes her mistake MUCH too late, as the demon dispenses multiple knockouts via face punching, belly blows, forced head slams, chokes, a bearhug, and MORE. But the evil presence isn’t done as it POSSESSES Cali’s hand and forces it to destroy her own belly, face, and crotch before a final rope self-strangle leaves Cali BEGGING to leave…moments before slipping into darkness!

SSP takes this awesome clip idea right out of the SKW play book, adds a thong bikini instead of a traditional one and leaves all the rest up to the amazing Cali Logan. This invisible foe/possession clip is great because of Cali, which should be a surprise to no one. She goes all in for this video, selling perfectly and over the top at times. The benefit of this being an SSP clip is that we do get to see Cali in a thong and that’s something I’ll never complain about. This spirit or whatever it is that kicks Cali’s ass sounds like it rides in on a motorcycle, I’m not sure what that sound effect was supposed to be, but I got a laugh out of it, so it was good for that. The hog tie/rope choke out ending was a nice bonus, so was the self-kick in the head, creative things that make this one a little different than those done by SKW. But long story short, it you like seeing that outstanding Cali Logan kicking her own ass and looking amazing doing it, then this is a video for you.

Overall score: 9.9/10