Review of HAT TRICK

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHAT TRICK – 24 mins

We fade in on the lovely Caroline Pierce (making her SKW debut) and Angel Lee telling SK’s camera that they’ve agreed to stage a KO holds demonstration featuring moves picked by their fans!   A hat on the floor holds every move, written down on small scraps of paper.  Angel goes first, picking the sleeper hold as her opener, and expertly applying it on Caroline!   The beautiful brunette struggles, her eyes rolling as the effective blood choke slowly outs her to sleep!  Angel follows up with a lovely victory pose and we fade out to the next segment, with Caroline groggily picking a move that she’s not sure how to apply.  Eager to help, Angel decides to give it a try, surprising Caroline with a double handed neck claw KO!   Another victory pose follows, and the beautiful Angel continues her dominance, taking her turns as well as Caroline’s, who becomes too groggy and sleepy to continue her side of the demo!   After several amazing KOs and victory poses, a satisfied Angel sits on Caroline’s belly and poses for her fans as the camera fades to black!

Another demo clip from SKW, this one with a bit of a hat trick mixed in, but it ends up being a great one sided beatdown, a little something like Luna’s “DEMO-LITION 2”, only of course this time our lovely victim is the apparently quite flexible, Caroline Pierce. I actually like this hat trick idea a little better than the demo vids we’ve seen thus far, as when Caroline gets her first turn, she doesn’t know how to do the move, so Angel does it for her and to her. It’s a nice little twist on the whole move demo thing and I also found it kind of funny. Just like when Caroline is groggy, but complaining about not get a turn to do a move on Angel. Of course Angel just kind of waves her off and goes on to the next one, after a few KOs Caroline has no idea what’s going on anymore and Angel can just keep picking new moves. A great list of moves too, no power moves, but the best ones have poor Caroline folded up in sexy pretzel and almost all of them have her eyes rolling and her tongue hanging out, leaving her in all the fan favorite KO positions. This was a great vid for Caroline’s first time on the SKW mats, I’m pretty sure there’s more from her visit, but this one definitely sets the bar high for any following vids. I definitely love the move demo idea, it’s been fun so far, but the hat trick is certainly a better way of doing it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10