Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHARLEY’S TRAP – 23 Mins

kaylaTHE JOKER IS IN PRISON. We fade in on the clown prince of crime’s lady friend…the beautiful and certifiably insane Harley Quinn (played amazingly by Kayla Lael), who has a female citizen tied up and gagged in a closet. We hear the girl groaning as Harley looks at a photo of her beloved Joker.  His location is unknown…and she plans on changing that! She makes a distress call to the police and waits.  Hours later we see Supergirl (Keri Spectrum) arriving with super speed, carrying a dazed Batgirl (Tracy Jordan) to the location. The two are dead set on capturing Harley, but a sleeping gas fills the room when they walk in. Supergirl scoffs, but soon starts to roll her eyes and stumble. Turns out the gas has been laced with KRYPTONITE! Both Batgirl slowly pass out, collapsing in a pile on the hotel room bed… Moments later both superheroines are side by side, tied up, and stripped down to BIKINI versions of their usual suits. They come to slowly and are instantly interrogated by the psychotic Miss Quinn! She demands to know where her “puddin’” is being held, but the heroines refuse to give up the info. Harley proceeds to torture the do-gooders with KO after KO (tactics include: punchout KOs, eyerolling, eye crossing, blackjack strike KOs, slow cape strangulation chokes, twitching, tongue protrusion, and limb checks). Confident, Harley moves in for another attack, but Supergirl’s hand suddenly closes around her throat! Kryptonite gas, apparently, tends to wear OFF! Supergirl and Batgirl decide to punish little Harley, knocking her out via back and forth punchouts, a brutal neck scissors, and a long chloroform attack from Batgirl!   Harley struggles, her arm reaching for a case nearby.  She opens it, revealing a kryptonite shard!   Supergirl succumbs, her eyes rolling as she collapses, out cold.  Batgirl is too enthralled with the chloro attack to notice, and Harley goes to sleep.  Batgirl finally sees Supergirl and drops Harley to the ground as she tries to wake her friend up!   Harley comes to, grinning.  Turns out she’d been holding her breath the whole time!   She attacks Batgirl with the chloro-soaked rag, knocking her out COLD.  She leaves both ladies in a pile as we fade to a few moments later. Both heroines are tied up, bonded against each other.  They come to, in pain…and terrified.  They finally agree to tell Harley where her man is, much to the baddie’s joy.  She finishes them off with a final blast of sleeping gas, running off to find her lover as our heroines enjoy a blissful nap!

Kayla is easily the best Harley Quinn I have ever witnessed, she absolutely steals the show here as in true Kayla fashion, her performance is more intense then you expect and it is quite amazing. She also look outstanding in her skin tight Harley outfit and we’re also lucky enough to see her get KO’d a few times even thought for the majority of the video she’s in control. Keri and Tracy also do great in their roles, I love some of the things they say to each other, basically about Batgirl not having any powers and Supergirl just being rather cocky. I was very happy to see both superheroine’s outfits were quickly replaced by their bikini counter parts, but kept the boots on, which just helped my overall enjoyment of this vid immensely. Keri and Tracy suffer through some nice KOs early in vid, the best being the cape choke out where Keri is left twitching and Tracy’s eyes are rolling and her tongue hangs out. The whole vid is a ton of fun to watch, Kayla’s performance is easily worth the price of admission and Keri and Tracy couldn’t have been better victims for the psychotic Harley.

Overall Score: 9.9/10