Review of HARLEY’S TRAP: version 3.0

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHARLEY’S TRAP: version 3.0 – 46 Mins

45+ minutes of superheroine torture, KOs, and MORE… starring the incomparable KAYLA LAEL as Harley Quinn, and Sumiko as BATGIRL!!!! We fade in on Harley Quinn receiving an experimental new potion in the mail, one sent to her by The Joker. She drinks it and passes out… only to awaken with brand new abilities that she decides to use on a VERY pesky enemy! She arranges for Batgirl to find her lair… and when they face off Harley DARES her to take a free shot. Sumiko lands several, but they have zero effect! Harley catches her next punch and forces the do-gooder down to her knees, sending massive knee strikes to her jaw… only to knock her out with a standing bearhug! Batgirl tries to escape but Harley knocks her out with an extended single handed (and elevated) choke! We see Batgirl’s boots kick and struggle as she slowly passes out, her tongue protruding from her still lips. Harley continues her torture, removing her rival’s mask and slamming fists into her face and laying her out COLD with an uppercut that leads to a perfect over the shoulder carry! Harley cackles as she shows the limp heroine off… and we suddenly fade to black. Moments later we see Batgirl unconscious, her hands tied above her, as Harley live-streams her captive to the world and records the upcoming torture for all to see! Harley completely destroys Batgirl with a long series of belly punches, a belly punch KO, post KO attacks, drooling solar plexus punch KO (spit take), blackjack strikes to the belly, blackjack strikes to the head (KOs), tazer torture, tazer KO, convulsions, and a brutal CHAIN strangle/hanging scene that turns Sumiko into a dangling, sleepy mess! Harley decides to finish by taking Batgirl out for good… untying her and trapping her into a sleeper hold that she plans on keeping on tight until Batgirl is gone for good! The sounds of sirens stop Harley from doing just that, however, and she makes a frantic escape, leaving a twitching and drooling Batgirl barely alive on her bed!!

I’m going to start by saying, this is something everyone needs to see. There is literally nothing not to love about this one, unless, you’re not a fan of over the top reactions (there’s not too many of you, but I know you’re out there). Other than that, everyone will absolutely love this vid. Kayla makes the best Harley Quinn, in the universe, period. She’s always high energy and a ton of fun to watch, even when she’s just being Kayla, so asking her to turn it up just a little and put on an accent to play Harley is easier that finding something wet in water. I love her Harley outfit too, not so much the wig, but her actual hair is purple (I think) so I get it. Sumiko, being one of, if not the greatest talent at SKW makes all of the torture and KOs amazing. Selling everything well over the top with massive tongue protrusion, tons of eyerolling plenty of twitching (more so at the ending) and big drooling, this is the way I wish to see Sumiko sell every time. She also looks fantastic in her Batgirl costume and her mask gets removed pretty early on, which is great. Overall, the torture and KOs are fantastic, Sumiko and Kayla are flawless and the ending is outstanding. The video itself is just at 38 mins, which flies by, then you get about 10 mins of behind the scenes and outtakes. As long as you don’t hate over the top reactions, then you are going to love this amazing superheroine destruction video.

Overall Score: 10/10