Review of Harley’s Revenge on BatGirl & Robin

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasHarley’s Revenge on BatGirl & Robin – 14 mins

Harley as always had sent a trap because she wanted to mess with Bat Girl and Robin. The scene opens up with Robin played by Misty Lovelace already limp on the floor. Bat Girl played by Tracy Jordan felt that Robin was in trouble and came to the rescue. She sees Robin, rushes over and tries to get her to wake up. Who did this to you, she asked. Then out of the blue, in comes Harley Quinn and head bonks Bat Tracy on the head and laughs at them both. After a bit, Robin wakes up, sees BG is out, and tries to wake her up. Which she does. She asked Robin what happened and then Harley comes in and starts to laugh.  Bat Tracy is pissed now she should’ve known it was Harley. They start to go at it but then Harley sprays gas in the air, and both BG and Robin tumbled around, eyes crossing, until they both fall out on the sofa. Harley then proceeds to ragdoll the limp limbs.  Robin comes to first and Harley injects her with sleepy serum. Then after a bit BG comes too and Harley knocks her limp too. Finally, both superheroines wake up stand up, Harley positions them before throwing them both an upper cut at the same time. Both girls twirl around, hear birdies, eyes roll, until they slump over the sofa. Harley ragdolls their bodies some more, until they wake up one at a time, and Harley chokes them out.. Hahaha Harley just leaves them, knowing she gets to stay out of the asylum a little bit longer.

A little fun superheroine action from the lovely Constance, one with two other major superheroine stars in it, Misty Lovelace and Tracy Jordan. As I said, this one is fun, as there’s a good amount of silliness. A lot of the laughs for me come from Constance, playing a great Harley, as she takes out her superheroine foes, laughing and having a great time causing them trouble. Then, both Misty and Tracy are knocked silly, so they’re stumbling around and just being silly. The best laugh though comes from Misty, and almost as if she saw my reviews of her Sleepy Superheroine vids, she somehow ends up dancing around like a goofball in this video too and that just had me dying. Although this vid is funny, it mostly about KOs and like play, as Misty is out cold for good chunk of the video and otherwise isn’t all there and Tracy is out for almost half the time, as Constance is just able to play with both of the limp heroines. The only real downside to this one is that for most of the clip the camera is on a stand across the room, so we have one angle for 90% of the video. This is a rare occasion for Constance, so I got to forgive her for this one, and she does pick out the camera at the end and give us a POV KO for both heroines, showing us the great eye rolling they are both capable of and that the far angle couldn’t properly capture. Overall, it was still a fun video, still got some great laughs, good KOs and limp play, so still definitely worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10