Review of Harley Hamilton

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingHarley Hamilton – 11 mins

Alexandria Hamilton Squares off against Jackson in this lop sided squash match!  Jackson stands no chance, and mounts little defense as Alexandria bullies her around the ring, beating her senseless with punches, stomps, elbows, and knees!  All to soften up the bikini clad jobber for what’s to come!  Alex Continues her assault with bodyslams, piledriver, face buster, stunner, standing suplex, hair mares, snap mares, and more!  Tons of bully tactics, hair pulling, and grinding in this epic squash match that will leave you begging for more Jobber Jackson, and Heel Alex!

I just never thought that I would be here in 2019 reviewing a video with Jackson in it. To add to that, it’s also crazy to me that the video with a 2019 Jackson isn’t SKW. That being said, she was one of my first favorites and it’s awesome to see Jackson in action again. There is really is no better way to be reintroduced to Jackson then in a complete squash like this. I know Jackson is a great actress and can play any role, but she’s best as a jobber, in my opinion. It’s also a little rare to see Alex play the flawless heel. I love that Jackson is in big trouble almost right away and stays in big trouble for the whole match.  This match has a good handful of pro style moves, including a piledriver and a suplex, but there’s a lot of strikes and hair pulling. There’s also a few pin attempts before the final pin fall. Another thing I love about this vid that’s pretty big for me, is there is no long intro and no background music. I why all MMW vids can’t be like this, I don’t know, but I hope this trend continues. Overall, I loved seeing Jackson again, love that she got completely crushed and I’ll be back to see more Jackson, both for the matches she wins and the matches she loses. Jackson will be a great addition to MMW, for sure.

Overall Score: 9.5/10