Review of Hardbodies Collide

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHardbodies Collide – 13 mins

This drama filled custom submission wrestling match features Sassi, a boot camp trainer, against Suzanne, a personal trainer. These hard bodies put every ounce of strength into trying to defeat their rival and you get to watch! Suzanne applies a bear hug, abdominal stretch, and figure four leg lock to Sassi while Sassi applies an arm bar, abdominal stretch, figure four leg lock, and an impressive torture rack to Suzanne! In the end, Sassi proves that she’s the strongest woman as she poses victorious over a sobbing Suzanne! You’ll love this final video from our archives that features Suzanne vs Sassi.

This is a nice throwback video with too missed and dominate females that were major heels in there stay at FWR. I know a lot of people like to see when two heels go against each other, because we get the see the normally dominate girls playing jobber roles. This gives both of these powerful ladies a chance to be on the losing side. I, of course, would have loved to see this end in a KO, but I mainly got this one just to see Suzanne and Sassi again. I’ve always loved Sassi, she’s downright scary looking, in a good way, as I’m pretty sure she’s made of twisted steel and Suzanne didn’t stay at FWR long, but was powerful and impressive in her short stay. There isn’t too many moves is this one and the holds are held on for a while to really play up the torturing, which I think they both sold fairly well. Neither one of them played to jobber role too much so don’t expect super great selling. It didn’t really matter to me who won this one, it was just cool to see these two again and watch them see who’s the strongest. Even though it didn’t matter who won, my money was on Sassi anyway.

Overall Score: 8/10