Review of Handicap Tag Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHandicap Tag Match – 18 Mins

tagOur cute female wrestlers, Peyton and Becca, enter the ring dressed in thong one pieces and shiny tights to do battle against an unknown opponent. They’re not worried though because the two of them shouldn’t have any difficulty defeating a single opponent. The cuties are introduced as they stand in their corner, then they see the curtains part and realize that their opponent is none other than Julie Winchester, a veteran of the wrestling ring! Becca and Peyton quickly jump out of the ring and begin arguing about who should be the first to wrestle Julie. But Julie makes it easy for them and grabs Peyton by the hair, yanking her in the ring. Poor Peyton gets head locked, scissored, flipped, stretched, and carried until Julie tires of her and allows her to tag in Becca. The same punishment happens to poor Becca who is obviously out of her class against the veteran female wrestler. But When Julie gets Becca into a sleeper hold, Peyton breaks the rules and enters the ring to choke Julie from behind! The two girls then double team Julie by scissoring her and holding her down. But they don’t realize how strong Julie is and the blond beauty powers out of their holds and attacks them at the same time! A tight double head lock has Becca and Peyton weakened enough for Julie to force them to scissor each other, taunting and teasing the screaming and moaning beauties! Julie finally knocks them both out with sleeper holds and piles them on top of each other for the pin and the win!

This one goes back to one of my many favorite sayings, “two jobbers better than one”. Whether it’s Anne and Sumiko, or Becca and Peyton, it’s always great to see two great jobbers being defeated by one tough heel. I love the intro, when Julie walks in, they both start running and arguing who should face Julie first, but Julie helps them work things out by dragging Peyton into the ring by the hair. Julie does a great job making it look easy to beat both Becca and Peyton, although she did lose control for a little bit there in middle, but that only leads to Julie forcing them to scissor each other, which was awesome. The outfits also make for some great angles as the match goes on. Then in the end we get a nice double KO and body pile. You’re not going to find a time when I would ever pass up on the chance to watch Becca and Peyton jobbing together, they always give us a great show.

Overall Score: 9.5/10