Review of Handcuffs Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHandcuffs Match – 16.5 Mins

This interesting custom video is actually two videos in one. The first half of the video features a dominant LeAnn destroying cute little Charlie with a hammerlock, head lock, arm bar, body scissor, head scissor, and some choking on the ropes. When Charlie is sufficiently weakened, LeAnn sits her in a corner, hand cuffs her wrists to the turnbuckle, and proceeds to knock her out with a foot choke and several hand-over-mouth smothers! In the second half of the video you get to enjoy Charlie in the dominant role doing the same moves and knockouts to LeAnn! So, if you’re into one sided matches that involve some handcuffs and smothering knockouts then this video is for you! 

A very cool custom video here, two short one sided matches, that start out pretty normal with a little bit of wrestling, but end with one of the girls handcuffed in the corner and KO’d several times. I actually like both sides of this one, because not only is always great to see LeAnn dominated, but I really love seeing Charlie beaten as well. Also Charlie’s evil grin when she’s winning is great. So, this ends up being another win/win for me, because I’d take this one either way. I do think LeAnn sells most of this better than Charlie, but I think that should be expected. LeAnn has been doing this for quite a while now and Charlie is still really new and getting the hang of it. Charlie does sell well though, nice struggling and tongue protrusion, when the giving the opportunity, she even got a little eye crossing in there. Either way, both sided of this video are good, both ladies look great and they both get handcuffed and KO’d. What’s not to like about that?

Overall Score: 9/10