Review of Sleeperkid’s World GRAPPLED, KOed, and HUMILIATED – 18 Mins

keriThe powerful Sapphire delivers one of her biggest beatdowns of all time as she easily outmaneuvers the beautiful Keri Spectrum in this intense custom match! We’d LIKE to say that Keri gets in a few decent shots here, but we’d be lying.   Even though she manages to keep Sapphire at bay for the first minute or two that all ends when the Latina heel slaps a tight sleeper hold on the blonde for her first KO!  Sapphire then proceeds to DESTROY Keri with tons grappling-based locks and KOs that reduce Keri to a convulsing, eye-rolling mess!  Each move is as dramatic as it gets, with Miss Spectrum struggling like crazy until she starts to slowly fade…leading up to a final extended neckscissors that leaves her COMPLETELY out, and ripe for a pin

Got a bit of a change of pace with this one, as grappling veteran Keri Spectrum tries a little “change of approach” when it comes to taking on Sapphire. Hopping her grappling skills will best the power of SKW’s champ. Doesn’t work thought, after about a minute of Keri doing her best to hold the champ down and Sapphire doing her best to get a hold of the wiry wrestler, Sapphire locks in a sleeper and that’s pretty much it for Keri. Once the sleeper puts Keri out, the rest of the KOs, come easily as Keri is dazed and dominated. This one is definitely filled with the high quality Spectrum selling that we all know and love as her eyes go wide and roll back in her head with each KO that she feebly tries to escape from. But this one is much more grounded that we are used to seeing from Sapphire as she keeps with the grappling theme and keeps all the moves on the ground. We do get some nice pins mixed in, which are more pro-style then grappling. Still a strong domination out of SKW’s champ, with good anger and determination. And the last KO give us a little twitching as Sapphire keeps her hold locked in after poor Keri is out cold. Seeing Keri dominated a KO’d is one of my favorite things in life, so you’ll get no complaints out of me as Keri definitely delivers on her part.

Overall Score: 9/10