Review of Goldeneye Fall KO

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Review of Kayla ObeyGoldeneye Fall KO – 5 mins

A few scenes of Kayla getting KO’d and falling flat out.  2 Laser beam hits, gas ko, and tainted water get her each time as she moans, says “Oh no” and falls down hard.

Another great and simple theme brought to us by Kayla Obey and I always like to remind you guys, there’s nothing wrong with simple and it’s not supposed to be taken and bad thing, this vid is just not that complicated, or complex. We watch as spy Kayla enters a room and get taken down by lasers or sleepy gas or drugged water, then she dead falls flat on the bed and we get to watch her slumber with nice long scenes. I love the dead falls and Kayla’s outfit, which got even a little sexier when she unbuttoned her top all the way, but unfortunately fell face down for that scene. But the boots and leather pants are nothing to dismiss. This is one video that I especially feel that a little twitching could go a long way. Like the “Game Over KOs” vids, these long KOs scenes could benefit nicely from a little twitching. Overall, this one is simple and great, I’ve always loved Kayla for taking these simple ideas and making in sweet little vids. It’s definitely a great talent of hers.

Overall Score: 8.5/10