Review of Goldeneye Fall 2

Review of Kayla ObeyGoldeneye Fall 2 – 7 mins

A few scenes of Kayla getting KO’d and falling flat out. She mostly lands straight onto her face, but also falls to her back and to her side. She moans “Oh no” as she falls.

It’s always great to see new content for Kayla Obey, even more now that we don’t get as much as we used to. Happy to have some content for her, no matter what the rarity is, it’s better than nothing. This one is definitely another Kayla special as it is simply just her falling on the bed, but just as Kayla does, she makes it more fun that is should be. With two nice outfits and a few great acrobatics pre KO make things more interesting.

0verall Score: 8/10