Review of Going Out

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Review of Kayla ObeyGoing Out – 24 mins

Kayla is tossing and turning in bed, as if trying to break free from a hold. During the struggle, her hand slowly slips down her pants. Her subconscious turned on by her secret fetish. She abruptly wakes up, snapping back to reality in a panic. “Oh no, not that same bad dream again!” It takes her a moment to realize she has her hand down her pants and yanks it out. “Ahh, I can’t believe this keeps turning me on! Why does this keep happening?” Kayla lays back down to clear her mind and takes a deep breath.” I need to get some more rest, I’ve got a long day tomorrow.” Slipping into a sexy skirt and some platform heels, Kayla is getting ready for a night out. She checks her makeup in the mirror, completely oblivious to the evil spirit that has just entered her apartment. “What was that?” She hears a noise and goes to investigate. She approaches her door but before she makes it she is hit with a hard punch straight to her face that knocks her down spread eagle. She twitches and groggily lifts her head “What…was that..?” before letting it drop back limp as she remains twitching, eyes rolling before finally closing and tongue hanging out.  Then the fun begins! Kayla is knocked down and out repeatedly, her body manipulated and rearranged and an article of clothing removed each time as she is slowly force stripped. She remains entirely oblivious and confused but is clearly getting turned on by this. Each successive knock down she grows more and more loopy, her mind in the clouds, and slips her hand down her skirt and panties and plays with herself until her body succumbs to the limpness. She even stays limp with her finger inside her pussy. She is finally left exposed and posed while entirely stripped left in just her heels.

This is another video that I am proud to say is my custom and with this one I went in a rather unusual direction for me, adding some sexual content, to my usual OTT KOs action. I am so happy to have someone like Kayla Obey to perform such madness for me. Even after all the customs I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to order, it still surprises me that there are people willing to act out our craziest fantasies for us and for that alone I am forever grateful. As most of you who regularly read my reviews know, I don’t usual go for the sensual content, but I wanted to mix things up and do something different. This one still isn’t too sexual, it’s still more about KOs and twitching, but the sexual content added is direct and blunt, no suggestive stuff here, it straight to solo masturbation and later on full nudity and again, I couldn’t be happier than to have someone like Kayla to do this. She knows how much I love the OTT reactions and made sure that was the most plentiful thing and then made sure to give me clear and wonderful shots of the masturbation. Even just in general there was lot of wide, spread out legs and up skirt shots, even after the skirt and panties were gone. I love how well this worked out, again I find myself saying, “I think this is my new favorite custom from Kayla”, it’s incredibly sexy in every way I hoped it would be. Oh, and the heels were another thing too. So, I bought those heels for Kayla, so no shocker that they are pink and look a lot like high heel converse. They do look super sexy, but apparently those heels were terrifying to walk in around in, as Kayla told me. So I do believe some of the unstableness you’ll see in this vid isn’t just Kayla selling her dizziness, but also at the same time is her actually trying her best not to tip over. Either way it looked perfect, but I was forewarned that there will be very minimal walking around if I ask her to do another vid in those heels, which I will, but is totally fine with me. She’ll be doing plenty of laying on the ground and twitching again I’m sure. Overall, this another excellent custom, flawlessly fulfilled by the outstanding Kayla Obey. I did order a “more traditional” custom with her at the same time as this one, which is already in her store called “Kayla vs The Champ” where Kayla has a POV boxing match that goes terrible for her. I’ll be covering that one in my next update, you can bet on that.  

Overall Score: 10/10