Review of Go back to sleep, bitch!

Review of DefeatedGo back to sleep, bitch! – 11 Mins

LilithLilith challenges Tracy again, trying to do something this time after the beating she had 2 weeks before this match, but there’s nothing she can do to her, she’s just too tiny and weak for Tracy. Tracy puts her to sleep many times in 11 minutes with several sleeper holds. Lilith tries to fight back, struggling to break free, but ends up drooling and going to sleep many times. Tracy jokes about her, as she victory poses over her after the last KO.

More Defeated action for you guys and this time Lilith again tries to battle Tracy and again gets dominated again. This time Tracy used only sleepers to KO Lilith, just to wake her up and sleeper her out again. I really like Lilith so far, this being only her second vid, but she is tiny and super cute, she’s already doing some decent eye rolling and crossing, struggling and drooling too. Tracy also seems to be loving the play the heel, having a lot of fun with her play thing. This is a quick and easy vid, but it still great domination over a little helpless jobber.

Overall Score: 9/10