Review of GLOVES and LOVERS

Review of Sensually SavageGLOVES and LOVERS – 22 mins

Terra Mizu is your fantasy girlfriend in this POV scenario from Sinfully Savage Productions.  Wearing a matching blue bra and panty combination with sheer stockings and wrapping into a pair of blue boxing gloves.  Wearing gloves yourself, she explains that she’s always had this dream of being knocked out by you like the fighters your face as a heavyweight champion, and begs to spar.  She throws a few fast jabs and hooks, and then rocks back on her heels as you return with a fist straight to the face… she seems to like it, but you continue to hammer her with jab after jab, making her get more and more woozy, hooks to the face rocking her until her eyes cross and her knees wobble. A final uppercut lifts her off the floor and after a staggering moment on wobbly legs, she collapses to the ground, grateful. As she passes out, you stroke her belly and thighs for a few moments before firing a stiff shot straight up between her legs, waking her.  At first she smiles and laughs, but her eyes cross as you hammer her groin over and over, then her cheeks puff as you fire your glove hard into her belly, exploding the air from her lungs, her eyes crossing, then fluttering as you take aim at her face, hammering her until she at last passes out. When she wakes she takes you up for another round. Once again ineffectual hooks and jobs are met with face shots, hooks and uppercuts to the belly that rock her and drive the air from her lungs.  A series of hard hooks to the face spin her on her heels until another uppercut sends her to the floor in heap, before some stiff jabs between the eyes sends her off to dreamland once again. You punish and pummel Terra in the face, belly, groin, continually making her eyes cross, her cheeks puff and her head rock before collapsing again and again. At last it takes a bare fist to send her off for good.

I am loving the fact that we are getting more and more POV boxing videos, especially from SKW and I say SKW in this SSP review because there hasn’t been a video lately that has more obviously shot by SK himself than this one. It is exactly like how SKW would have done it, except Terra’s outfit is a little sexier than you would see in SKW and there’s some cuntbusting that also isn’t very SKW like, other than that, it totally and SKW production and that’s a great thing, for me. Terra is fantastic in this, she plays a willing victim, which is always fun. We get lots of great reactions and some punch drunkenness, as well as several KOs along the way, with all your favorite KO poses included. There’s even a little bit of OTT action with some tongue protrusion and a little bit of twitching. Overall this was an easy instant grab for me as the POV boxing genre has become quite the personal favorite and I just can’t get enough.

Overall score: 9.5/10