Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldGIRLS INTERRUPTED – PART FIVE – 36 mins

TWO BEAUTIFUL FIGHTERS TAKE A SUDDEN OVER-THE-TOP SQUASH FROM THE KID HIMSELF!!! We fade in on Coco and Sumiko mid boxing match, with Coco destroying Sumiko with a barrage of jabs.  Sumiko’s eyes roll as her tongue sticks out…waiting for Coco’s coupe de grace: a right to the jaw that drops Sumiko like a stone!   A disappointed Coco issues an open challenge to everyone on the SKW roster: one that SK happily accepts with a sudden (and sneaky) right to Coco’s jaw that leaves her out cold in a perfect Derri “Air” pose.  SK decides to have fun with BOTH ladies, delighting in watching them convulse and twitch as they lay unconscious: a theme that gets re-visited a LOT in this amazing squash!   Fans of completely over-the-top 1 vs 2 squashes: this just might be the best video you see all year.  SK does an expert job of taking the two beauties apart before delivering his patented LOW BLOW PILEDRIVER (not once but TWICE), taking both ladies out for good…and leaving them open for pins and a convulsing pile on the mats!

It’s that time again, and man does it feel like it’s been a while, but little secret, there’s a good handful of these that are in the works as we speak. What am I on about? I’m sure you’re wondering. It’s time for me to write a review on another one of my customs. That’s right, I was indeed the mastermind behind this one. And this was me trying to do something a little different, while keeping all the OTT stuff that I love. I had no idea this would fit into any pre-existing SKW series, but what I was going for was to have the girls in different states of consciousness, so Sumiko was a twitchy ragdoll, having already been beaten up by Coco and Coco would be livelier as she wasn’t beaten up. Not only that, but I thought it would cool and different for the girls to keep the boxing gloves on for also long as they could, because we’ve all seen boxing turn into wrestling matches before, but most of the time the gloves come off right away. I was very happy with how long the glove stayed on. I had low exceptions as I thought they would be a safety issue for some of the moves. Also, this script was originally made for Sapphire, who I figured would jump at any chance to beat up Sumiko, but she couldn’t make it day, so SK kindly jumped in to handle her role. He was a little more apologetic to Sumiko then intended, but I can’t blame him as he pretty much made all his lines and stuff up on the fly. After my Sparrow, Luna & Tiny custom I felt like it would better if I had him go back and forth between the jobbers instead of focusing on one for a while, then the other for a while and finally the both of them, so I mixed it up this time and I felt like that flowed better. As for some of the reactions, we’ve come up with an acronym for my customs, A.B.T., which means “always be twitching” and I have got to say Sumiko definitely took that meaning to heart as she literally was always twitching. Coco did a thing where she would try to fight the incoming unconsciousness and twitching eventually succumbing to them both and then doing the A.B.T. thing, it worked well with my idea of having the girls in different states of unconsciousness. Another thing I did different is having SK take their boots off before the end, it’s was something different, but in retrospect, I’m just love converse boots too much and would have probably like it a bit more if I left them on, but the twitchy body pile that took place while SK got their boots off was amazing. Overall, Sumiko, Coco and SK did an excellent job selling, following my script and making another outstanding custom for me. Although Tiny vs The Tiniest 2 is still my favorite custom overall, I am extremely happy with how this one turned out and I am greatly looks forward to my next opportunity to order another custom.

Overall Score: 11/10