Review of Gimme Sugar 2 Hannah Perez

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Review of Helpless and UnawareGimme Sugar 2 Hannah Perez – 14 mins

Hannah knocks on Grant’s door looking to borrow some sugar.  He tells her that his girlfriend just left to go to the grocery store and they don’t have any sugar.  Hannah perks up when she realizes Grant is alone, because she has a serious crush on him.  She flirts non-stop while he tries to get her to leave.  She won’t go!  He’s left with no choice but to whack her over the head to make it stop… she wobbles and crosses her eyes then her eyes roll back in her head as she collapses on the floor.  Grant checks her eyelids and yes, she’s really out.  He starts to panic a bit, and drags her a few feet before realizing that he could never get away with dragging her limp body all the way next door without being seen.  He pulls up her skirt a bit and then checks himself.  No, don’t go there.  He pulls her up by her arms and her head flops around like a ragdoll.  He lets go and she drops to the floor.  He tries to wake her and she seems so happy to see him, although she’s pretty woozy…. woozy, but still flirting!  Grant bonks her over the head again.  Why?  He can’t figure out if he wants her gone or he wants her limp, helpless and unaware on his living room floor.  And wow, he loves her over the top reactions as she’s going out.  He manipulates her limp limbs, checks out her sexy bra by lifting her shirt and rolls her over on her side to admire her nice ass.  Hannah wakes up and he quickly puts her out again.  He isn’t done admiring her splayed out on his living room rug.  He has a change of heart and decides he would like to take her up on her offer, so he wakes her back up.  Problem is, this time she gets her wits about her and decides she better high tail it out of there.  Sigh.  Another missed opportunity….

Another Helpless and Unaware video starting the Hannah Perez.  I love Hannah, she is just so great for these roles. Her expressive face and big beautiful eyes makes vids like this so good. This one is actually pretty funny too, as Hannah so desperately flirts with Grant, literally not taking no for an answer and then continuing after the first KO, even though she’s a bit punch drunk and then when he’s finally ready to say yes, she’s like I got to go. I though all the back and forth between the two was great. The KOs were great too, you should all know Hannah’s selling by know is great and she looks awesome laid out on the floor. As always with Helpless and Unaware, we get lots of up skirt shots, which are always very sexy and some great limp play too, Hannah makes a great ragdoll as she’s totally limp while Grant flops her around. Overall, this is another very good, very fun Helpless and Unaware video and another great video for my Hannah Perez collection.

Overall Score: 9/10