Review of GIANT’S WRATH 9

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldGIANT’S WRATH 9 – 36 mins

What happens when the incredible SAHARRA HUXLEY makes her SKW Debut as part of KRISTIE ETZOLD’S Giant’s Wrath series?  An absolutely INSANE beat down on BAMBI BUTTONS that has to be seen to be believed!!! These two incredible heels are talking in the SKW mat room about just how dominant they are compared to wrestlers they usually go up against when Bambi walks in to inform them that SHE has reserved this space and if they don’t leave, she’ll just have to tell the owner. Generally, threatening to be a tattletale is never a good idea but against these two, it would have to be listed as one of the world’s classic blunders.  Bambi is put through an utterly vicious session of knock outs and submissions as these two giants go out of their way to one up each other and show off their best moves. While we’ve seen Bambi come out on the losing end before we have NEVER seen her reduced to the quivering, drooling, rag dolled state that she is left in by the time this match draws to a close.  She is verbally and physically humiliated throughout this beating like you would not believe.  Truly, this match is a perfect example of what you get when you have two brilliant heels who love their work matched up with an incredible victim.  Saharra and Kristie are at the top of their game and clearly are enjoying themselves as they destroy poor Bambi in one of the most brutal and intense matches ever seen here at SKW.

This is another one that has to be classified as one of the biggest squashes in SKW, of course I normally save such titles for one of my customs, but this one without question fits the bill. Saharra and Kristie are totally merciless, and Saharra is downright frightening in the coolest possible way, but they are both strong enough to effortless toss poor Bambi all over the place, literally. Bambi absolutely sells the crap out of this, only comparable vid is when she got squashed by Tiny, but I honestly think this time she did even better. Although not a total ragdoll like she was versus Tiny, Bambi sells everything really over the top. We get lots of great eye rolling and crossing, tons of drooling and twitching and at a few different moments Bambi is a total ragdoll. Although not filled with the crazy power moves Tiny’s vid had, these two monsters put Bambi through a beating destined for the history books. This is easily my favorite clip of the update and even though Bambi was already a favorite of mine this performance definitely kicked her up a few more notches. I sure hope Saharra and Kristie come back soon, as I would love to see more SKW girls gets squashed like Bambi did here.

Overall Score: 10/10