Review of GIANT’S WRATH 10

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldGIANT’S WRATH 10 – 28 mins

We’ve seen in the past that SPARROW has no qualms about gaining any edge she can in a match and how more than once she has resorted to drugging her opponent’s pre match water to do so.  However, seeing as how she is set to go up against SAHARRA and KRISTIE ETZOLD in this case, who could blame her? BAMBI, who was slated to referee the match up, watches as Sparrow drugs the water and even tries to warn her against it but the pixie-like beauty won’t listen.  As Bambi sees Saharra and Kristie sneak into the room, she wisely beats a hasty exit and leaves Sparrow to face these two Giants and they are none too pleased at her efforts to drug them.  In fact, they decide to give Sparrow a taste of her own “medicine” and immediately force feed her the very same drugged water she was planning to use on them. What follows is a nightmare for Sparrow and a Dream for fans of dominant heels utterly destroying a helpless adorable jobber girl.  Saharra and Kristie are clearly enjoying themselves as they severely punish poor Sparrow for her attempted cheating, putting her through gauntlet of brutal KO tactics.  Already in a state of perpetual grogginess from the spiked water, Sparrow is barely conscious and utterly helpless to stop the repeated knock outs.  In fact more often than not she is little more than a convulsing, drooling rag doll for the heels to play with! Finally tiring of their game, Saharra uses her incredible strength to apply a head vise/skull crush to put the little Sparrow out for the night before her and Kristie each plant a boot on her and claim a ten count pin.  They then pick up the poor sack of sleeping jobber and swing her body across the mat. Sparrow lands in a sweaty unconscious lump, twitching helplessly as the heels leave and Bambi walks back in to look down at her and remind the defeat Sparrow that cheaters never prosper. YOUR WINNERS: SAHARRA AND KRISTIE!!!

You guys know there’s not many things in this world that I love more than a great Sparrow destruction video and with me being the cause of the greater majority of her worst destructions, I have to tip my hat to whoever cooked this one up. Just the match up alone is exciting, “Sparrow Summers vs Saharra Huxly AND Kristie Etzlod”. It’s just one of those match you know isn’t going to go well for Sparrow, which also means, I’m totally going to love it, which of course I did. After seeing what Saharra and Kristie did to Bambi, this incredible beatdown goes even worse for Sparrow as they not only catch her trying to cheat, but then they just short of drown in with her own tainted water and then of course unleash hell on the poor tiny jobber. The monster heels clearly have too much fun with their ragdoll, as the laugh, talk trash and even plan on drugging some future opponents so they can do the same to them. There’s no way around this one folks, this is another outstanding Sparrow ragdoll video, of course done with tons of her patented way over the top twitching, as she is literally tossed across the mats. This is very much like her matches vs Tiny or The Machine as she’s reduced to a twitching ragdoll in just about no time, flat. I’m actually surprised that no one asked me if I was the creator behind this one, because minus the missing boots and knee pads, this is definitely a situation I would put Sparrow in and one I hope to see her in again soon. Sparrow is a fantastic jobber and an even better ragdoll, one of my personal favorites obviously, so any chance there is to seeing her end up like this I will always be in full support of. Oh and I almost forgot, the Bambi parts at the beginning and end are great touches, I love the look on her face when she sees Saharra and Kristie walk in and I love that see comes back at the end just to toss a little salt in the wounds. Great vid, easy must own if you ask me.

Overall Score: 10/10