Review of Gas accident and 3 chicks totally limp

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Review of Liza K FetishesGas accident and 3 chicks totally limp – 24 Mins

LizaHe dreamed to be a fireman in high school. He could think about it for hours, how he is breaking into the burning house and had to save helpless people lying there on the floor. The best part for him was when he was carrying their ragdoll bodies and their limbs were waving in the air. He almost was able to feel their weight in his arms! And knew that those moments he had absolute power on them! But years passed and now he worked as an engineer in the gas providing company. Today was an accident in the middle town and he had to check the building with other colleagues. Actually nothing happened they noticed the leak just in time to fix everything, so it was just a formality to look to every apartment. He was going to go downstairs and just glanced into the room. Three girls were helplessly lying on the floor in their kitchen! He didn’t think a second and went to carry the first girl out of there! It was even better than he imagine in his dreams… her body was so soft and totally limp… But now he had to concentrate on their security! A few minutes later all three were lying on the bed and finally he had a moment to look at them better and to consider that they were really beautiful! He had to go… but… just could not resist the temptation. He decided to have a good look. Having the opportunity to do whatever he wants with three of them he touched their bodies, opens their mouths, and plays with their limbs. He pays a lot of attention on their sleepy feet and looked under their clothes. He was enjoying the every minute and had to leave only because his boss gave him a call.

Nice and simple and straight to the point limp play video here. All 3 girls pass out to the gas leak. They all get carried away to another room and then we’re all treated to some nice limp play action. Lots of great close ups or their eyes, ears, mouths, hands, feet and even a little peak under each other tops. It is simple, but it’s simple done right. He takes his time and is thorough, really enjoying his time with the sleeping beauties. It feels like the ladies are going through an inspection, as he checks out all their features. There’s not too much selling that had to be done, once the girls are out they say out, with no sighs of waking up anytime soon. The girls do all look great, nice outfits for all of them. I love the close ups, lots of great close up shots, each girl getting a fair share. A well done setup, easy to have all of them knocked out together. This is another example of simple ideas and simple content done right.

Overall Score: 9/10