Review of Game Over

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Review of Kayla ObeyGame Over – 14 mins

You control Kayla, a crime-fighting vigilante set to take out the bad guys! You have found their lair, now you need to take finish them off. However, unfortunately for poor Kayla, you would much prefer to see HER taken out. You let the invisible baddies finish her off, round after round…she’s punched, kicked, gned down, chhked, taserd, bear hugged, squeezed, beat relentlessly. Kayla falls down hard, sometimes getting put right out and other times twitching or struggling to get back up. The criminals force her to remove her top until she’s only wearing a skimpy black bikini top and her wet look leggings. You let them humiliate her for your pleasure before they take her out. You have her changed into her other outfit with her boots and leather gloves, but by the end they’re forcing her to remove that too, promising to let her go if she complies to their demands. It looks like Kayla won’t be winning this game.

I have all of the resent Kayla videos, but this one my favorite, so it goes first. One of my favorite things about this video is the outfits. The wet look leggings and tiny bikini top are excellent and the booty shorts and sexy leotard like thing is even better. I like that we get a bunch of sound effects in this one, from punches to gun shots, they all work well and helped give me a better idea of what was happening to poor Kayla. I also love the struggling to get back up, as that’s a thing I have put in all my customs with Kayla, so if course I like it here too. But also there was this great camera angle that she did only for a brief moment, where she had the camera on the floor looking up at her as she struggled to get up, that was a great shot and I hope to see more from that angle. I loved Kayla’s cute and oh so sad face when she’s asking her captures if they’ll let her go if she does what they want, which is always stripping some clothes off, and of course they never let her go, but it’s still such a cute face she makes. I got a great laugh from the one scene where Kayla through herself on the couch, I always think about the behind the scenes parts when she does stuff like that and I just love the idea of her getting a running start and hurling herself into the couch. And of course I love the usual stuff, her overall selling, eye rolling and all that and of course all the KOs or deaths pack in to this one. So although this one may seem pretty traditional for Kayla there was some great details and sexy outfits that easily make this vid another favorite for the list.

Overall score: 9.5/10